Red Leather Vintage Fringed Jacket

by Claire Chanelle

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Continuing on from my festival favourites and still being in the Wireless Mood I put together another festival look.

It doesn’t take a festival to make me wear tassels and fringing but seeing as this is a festival theme I thought it would allow me to get away with double fringing! Imagine the dancing photos you could shoot with all this fringe 🙂

I bought this dress in the Zara sale for £15 and I am really pleased with it. For festival I would wear biker boots but due to the fact I wasn’t actually going to a festival this day I wore my mules, my bargain mules that I bought for Vegas.

The jacket literally gave me an entire sleepless night. I had to go to Brick Lane for a meeting and on the way home I popped into the market (I was there for three hours.) I saw this jacket and had to have it but I was A. trying not to spend and B. I really did not have any extra money to be buying red crazy jackets. I was well behaved and put it back on the rail. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and all night long I thought I need to rush back and buy it but what about if it’s already gone? I kept my self up worrying but at least it’s a good sign I knew I defiantly wanted it. I rushed back the next day at the opening times, it took me ages to get there as East London is the opposite side to where I live. When I saw it on the rail I was so happy and glad I went back for it. I paid £85 for it and thats cheaper than a leather jacket in Zara. I am trying to convince myself it was worth the money but what ever.

I have some great news  for you: my black on black Saint Laurent wallet on a chain is back in stock! Click here to buy before it sells out again.

I have been asked by a few of my readers what the quality is like of this bag and that some of you have read bad reviews. I look after after all my bags really well but for some reason this poor bag has been bashed around the most. I think this is due to the fact that is so easy to use, light weight and because its all black it goes with literally any outfit so I have therefore been using it a lot. The leather is durable because it’s a coated calf leather maybe it’s goat but either way it’s a durable leather. The hardware has not chipped at all and the bag looks immaculate. If you look closely at the photos you can see I haven’t even cleaned this bag (opps) and there are marks everywhere from where it’s just left my suitcase. I wipe it with a baby wipe and it shine’s like new. I personally think this is a great bag; it’s durable, easy to wear, matches everything, fits my iPhone 6 plus (very rare these days) and for the price £885 it’s approximately £400 cheaper than the YSL monogram shoulder bags that to me look the same. This bag has sold out for a reason so get one whilst you still can and remember if yours does chip like other reviews have been saying Saint Laurent are amazing at repairs; just take in your bag with proof of purchase and they will repair it for free if the fault is within the bag and not wear and tear.








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