Shut the back door!

by Claire Chanelle

The story of the yellow Pigalles:

Neon yellow Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes

Neon yellow Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes

You’ve met my gorgeous neons already but you don’t know the story behind them.

Every lunch time and I mean every lunch time I visit the Shoe Boudoir (where the loubies live) at Harrods. Every employee there can vouch for this. I will go as far as saying the visits are more than once a day. Because of this I decided reel myself in slightly and reduce the visits.  Well that’s the last time I listen to Claire, the sensible side of me.

I stay away for three whole days. And what happens? Ill tell you what, these neon Pigalles came in and I didn’t even know. I had no idea there was chaos with people running to Harrods to buy them. One; because this colour is rare, two; because there Pigalles; Pigalles are one of the cheaper styles retailing at £375 so more people buy them and there so limited. Three because Kim Kardashian  (see image below) was wearing them the same weekend. If I had followed my normal routine I could have grabbed myself a pair, but noooooo the one time I didn’t. I was livid with myself. Can you start to understand how much thinking space this consumes me on a daily basis? I run to where the Loubies live and there is one left and they’re my size 38.5!! I was over the moon. I try them on and they don’t fit. I stay there for 20 minutes staring at them waiting for them to shrink. They didn’t. What a tease!

Kim Kardashian in yellow pigalles christian louboutin

Kim Kardashian in yellow Pigalle Christian louboutin. Image from

This is the photo I took, telling all my friends about my horror story (no one cared or understood):

Neon yelloe pigalle louboutins

The evil size 38.5 that didn't fit.

To add the cherry on the cake one of my work colleagues told me on the THIRD day. “Oh Claire I must tell you I bought some yellow Louboutins you would love. No one else cares but I know you will.” I didn’t know whether to slap her with jealousy or ask to see them. I did neither and screamed at her  ” Why didn’t you tell me?! Why are you only telling me now?! What size did you get? She replies size 5. I tell her “well fine i’ll give you the money, sell me them!” The poor girl! But you  must know it’s not me talking I get carried away.

I then drop everything and go on a rampage to find them. I went to both boutiques, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges….nothing! For some stupid reason the boutique decides to lock the door. Why? And when did they start this? So I’m standing locked outside watching all the girls try on their shoes….LET ME IN! First of all I can’t afford them as I had just bought the Celine. Secondly I for sure can’t afford them full price if I buy them out of Harrods. But Chanelle was there to reassure me I need them and we will think about the consequences after.  Mean time I am texting my friend every ten minutes making her feel as guilty as possible about the situation she’s put me in. Oh god just writing this I feel terrible.

Paris was away for a few days. He calls me to check how I am, I tell him I can’t speak I have a dilemma and put the phone down. He knows me and knew it would be something pathetic, related to shoes or a bag.

The shops all close and I’m Pigalle – less! I retire home STILL texting my friends what I can offer her on top of the money. She replies with a petrified “lol”. Em psycho!

The next day an angel was looking down on me laaaaaaaa (angels falling from heaven noises) I was meant to have those shoes. I walk to the shoe boudoir. After learning my lesson I’m back to my usual routine! I ask the manager (one of my favourite friends at Harrods) Oh just checking if you’ve had a refund in a size 5. All smiling she tells me “Yes, I called you earlier we had one delivered in a size 38” I could not believe it. And you know what I said? I said “SHUT THE BACK DOOR!” This is a saying you all know but it’s a saying me and my friend (the girl who had the yellow shoes before me) have. She always gets it wrong and says “shut the front door”.  So I dedicate the title of this post to her.

Moral of the story don’t bully your friends like me! And yes I appologised sincerely and saying sorry this weekend. AND the shoes were meant for me!!!

Words of wisdom; when  buying Pigalles always buy at least half a side smaller.

And here they are MINE MINE MINE mahahahha (evil laugh.) Lets not talk about the money aspect as i’ll get palpitations.

Louboutin Pigalle

Louboutin Pigalle

Chanelle xx

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Nadia Hollywood May 18, 2012 - 8:01 pm

Tell Claire to SHUT. THE. BACK.DOOR, chanelle needs to come out more- as this story proves! 
I am the victim of the severe bullying, however I come through the experience a stronger person-with a great pair of pigalles 😉 
Just shared this story with friends this evening, and we were in fits of LOL’s !
Claire, your writing is brilliant and your stories are sooooo addictive! You’ve definitely found your true calling- I’m soooo happy for you! 

Well….If the shoes fits….. 🙂 


Chouquette May 18, 2012 - 8:05 pm

Love you Nads…..Im preparing you for a world of SHOPPING ADDICTION. X

Natasha May 19, 2012 - 8:33 am

Why shut the back door??? Shut the front door is one of mine (and Rachel Zoe) fave ways of not swearing when excited ???

Chouquette May 19, 2012 - 9:32 am

In the film “bad teacher” they say back door so I thought it was backdoor!x

Suelynn January 18, 2013 - 1:40 pm

Hi dear! I just read u story! I feel you, omg those are very hot! I want a pair in neon too! They sold out or where i can get them? Im late i know :(.I ordered 2 pair Pigalle in red in a 37.5 and a 38 because i don’t know which one will fit me! So i told my husband i dont inow which size so he just said order both and give it to someone if they not fit u. I ordered them for 2 days ago and they at home in new york . Im right now in Europe. I know i got 14 to exchange them or send a pair back but i will stay longer in Europe and can’t exchange them or send them back. So i got 2 pair lol! I don’t know if me 38 will fit i think it will to big, because I’m wearing in louboutins a 38 in lady peep toe black leather and i heard u have to go down 1 size or half. So it may a 37.5 will fit. How much u went down what size u wearing usually? Ur understanding person suelynn 😉 i want those pigalle in all color lol!

Chouquette January 19, 2013 - 11:50 pm

If you wear a 38 in lady peep then I really think the 37.5 will be your size. I wear a 38 in Pigalle and it has stretched a bit too and now they slip a bit. If you get stuck with a size 38 because they are too big, send me an email and maybe I will take them off your hands 🙂 xx

Suelynn January 21, 2013 - 2:33 pm

Thank you for your reply 🙂 i was talking with a lot people about my size and i was so confused! Some of them went up for half size or 1 size! And the Christian louboutin online store told me go one size down but i think too a 7.5 would be fine for me! So if they would fit me i will email u! And u can have those 38 in red pigalle! ;). They actually already sold out on christian lobiutin is it not crazy? Do u got instagram? You think i still can find in yellow, nude and black?


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