by Claire Chanelle

With wedding season here, I thought this was the perfect time to share some bridal inspiration. You may be a guest at a wedding (one of my favourite special occasions to celebrate), a bride looking for a rehearsal outfit, a bridesmaid, or even just generally searching for summer occasion wear. This look book is focused on what I would personally wear to a wedding. I love to wear suits, vintage beaded pieces and of course, pearls! I also enjoy wearing floaty dresses for a more feminine look. There should be something for everyone so be sure to watch the video above.

I am all about accessories. These looks are pulled together by my favourite De Beers pieces. The good news is all the pieces are at entry-level prices. Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, you will be full of wedding guest inspiration and treat yourself to some diamonds! At the end of this article I share where I shot these looks, it’s a fabulous place to visit if you are in London.

Let me introduce you to the inspiring new range from De Beers “My First De Beers”. This collection is perfect for pairing with occasion dressing, and for those who have discovered a newfound love of diamonds. This really resonates with me because I found a new love for fine jewellery last year. It was an area I was not ready to explore in my younger years because I simply did not appreciate its value during that time of my life. I always knew one day I would be in love and obsessed with fine jewels and I am so excited the time has come. It was a natural progression for me, I followed the natural story of buying into designer bags first, mixed with high street shoes and clothes. Then I introduced designer shoes into my wardrobe. The third transition was adding the odd piece of designer ready to wear and now I wear majority designer ready to wear. The final step for me was integrating fine jewellery. Even though I started investing in jewellery later in life, I appreciate fine jewellery and diamonds the most for so many reasons. Jewellery holds its value. Shoes, for example, do not last a lifetime. They have no resale value and you cannot wear them every day. I love the fact that a delicate diamond bracelet like those from my De Beers Aura collection can be worn every day. I can pass it down to future generations and it is a piece to be valued sentimentally and aesthetically. I find it exciting that I can buy into a collection and then easily add additional pieces, for example the matching earrings here or the Micro Pave Bangles here.

I really wanted to talk about how and when I first started shopping for fine jewellery and share with you the more accessible diamonds jewellery designs such as the “My First De Beers” collection. I was relieved to find entry point pricing, which still allowed me to invest in a special piece from a brand that has such a rich heritage in diamonds, founded in 1888. You can see the full collection here and any brides to be should also take a look at the entry point engagement rings.

I love the style of stacking fine jewellery on my wrist, it totally suits my everyday look and I really love how this has given my boyish aesthetic a touch of elegance, and dare I say, maturity! Believe it or not, I am enjoying ageing, I know myself so well now. In my last De Beers blog post here, I mentioned my love for the Enchanted Lotus bracelet, which I still adore. I have also fallen for the My First De Beers Aura style, seen here. I think this bracelet is ideal for a bride on her wedding day or to be gifted to a bridesmaid.

Another fabulous gift option or a must have for yourself, are the Diamond Polishing Wipes here. You can buy a box of 50 for £25 and they come in beautiful De Beers packaging. I use these all the time and am already on my second box. They are a MUST! I have a sachet in each bag because I use hand cream and hand sanitizer all day long. Each cloth contains more than a million micron-sized diamonds, making your jewellery sparkle in seconds.

I became interested in fine jewellery when I started wedding planning- it was like the gates of heaven opened! I have touched a little on how I would wear delicate diamonds every day, but this post and the video here focusses on what I would wear to a wedding as a guest. I have styled some beautiful pieces from De Beers. Both from my favourite Enchanted Lotus collection and the new “My First De Beers” collection. I love mixing rose gold with platinum and yellow gold, and I love doubling up the earrings! The Enchanted Lotus Sleeper earrings work so well when paired with the Enchanted Lotus Stud earrings. Together they make such an impact, which is still very elegant.

Style tip for earrings: A slight drop in length will elongate your face. Ideal for a round or oval shaped face.




I hope this post and the lookbook video give you ample wedding guest inspiration and that you will feel inspired to introduce some sparkle to your outfits. Maybe you will consider investing in some of my favourite De Beers pieces. Make sure you order a box of polishing wipes, they are well worth every penny and you will thank me, they really do work!



Unrivalled legacy in diamonds since 1888


When I thought about shooting this story I immediately thought of Elan cafe in Knightsbridge. It was the perfect bridal setting, I almost look like I am a guest at someone’s special day. I cannot recommend this cafe enough if you are visiting London. They do not take bookings (unless you hire a space) so I suggest getting there super early. It is well worth a visit, the food is great, and the interior design is a dream. You can find out more here.

DeBeers Jewellery featured in this blog post:

Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold White Mother of Pearl Earrings
Aura Sleeper Earrings
Enchanted Lotus Openwork White Gold Earrings
Caress Rose Gold Wedding Band
Caress Band
Aura Pink Diamond Rose Gold Band
Aura Diamond Bracelet
Caress Rose Gold Fancy Coloured Diamond
Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold White Mother of Pearl Bracelet
Micropave Rose Gold Bangle
Micropave White Gold Bangle
Aura Band
Aura Yellow Diamond Yellow Gold Band
Channel Set Princess Eternity Band
Darling Half Pave Eternity Band
Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold White Mother of Pearl Necklace
Diamond Polishing Wipes

This article was sponsored by De Beers

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