The Rules Of A High street Purchase

by Claire Chanelle

yellow zara dress

Here is one of my holiday looks from Sardinia. I wore this dress in Las Vegas here and loved it so much I bought it in yellow. Like I said on my instagram account “find a style that suits you and buy it in every colour”. It was too hot to wear this in the day so I decided to wear it in the evening but I do think it is great for weddings or an event. If you are conscious about your arms or tummy this is perfect.

I get a lot of emails asking for advice on dresses to wear to weddings. I do not have the time to reply to most of my emails but I do bare all your questions and comments in mind and try to answer them on my blog. So when it comes to weddings I know it is hard to find a dress that no one else is going to be wearing. I try to stay away from high street stores like Zara and Topshop for weddings and some of you ask me for ideas other than Zara etc but the truth is sometimes I do find a great dress for a wedding in a popular high street store (like this yellow cape dress) because at the end of the day who can afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a designer dress that you can only wear a few times? I certainly can’t. I have always said spend your money on accessories because you get more wear out of them.

I follow to important rules when buying hight street clothes:

1. It is all about accessories ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES! Make your outfit amazing with the accessories so if you follow my rule of investing in great shoes, bags and jewellery then you will make the dress look ten times better and that’s what will differentiate you from the other girl wearing the same dress. Then everyone will think “oh she wore the dress better”.  Imagine another girl had the same yellow dress on as me, I guarantee she won’t have the same shoes and bags so we won’t look exactly the same. If you do not have the budget to buy a pair of designer shoes or bag then stick to vintage or discover an up and coming designer. My necklace is from a young designer in Liverpool Claudia Pink, this piece was around £200 but this is one of her most expensive pieces and you can purchase a unique piece from around £40.

2. There is nothing wrong buying a dress and putting it away for a special event. This way there is less chance of someone wearing the same dress and they would most likely gone and bought something from a new season. Me personally I am not overly bothered if I have everything brand new season…if I like it I like it.

This rule is also great when investing into a Pucci item. I know it is not high street but at work when I am advising clients I always tell them to buy Pucci in the sale and put it away for a season or two. Even if you know your Pucci patterns by the season this trick still confuses people as it is so old they think it is new!

yellow dress

statement necklace

yellow gold indian necklace

nude saint laurent tributes

cape dress

dress for a wedding

colour blocking

top ten fashion blog

For those of you who asked about my Chanel nail polish iphone case I bought it from ebay!  I am sure you all thought it was from somewhere expensive but it really wasn’t I think I paid around £6 for it. My work phone is iPhone 4 so this style is cheaper, I think the iPhone 5 is around £15. I just ordered the best iPhone case ever and can not wait to show you it!

chanel nail polish iphone case

Zara cape dress, Saint Laurent Tribute shoes,

Claudia Pink necklace with Saint Laurent Betty bag.

Claire xx

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