White Lace by Alice McCall

by Claire Chanelle

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ALICE MCCALL SKIRT & TOP by Kokolu Boutique 




I am so so excited to share my new site with you. What do you think? I still have some things to add and amend but I could not hold it off any longer. I have been working so hard since I have been back from my wedding and I have lot’s of outfit’s to share stored in my archive ready to go. I will be sharing more or my travel experiences (head over to TRAVEL to read my review on Bali, Ubud) more beauty, more fitness and I have started a SHOP page so you can shop my wardrobe without reading an article and there is also pieces that are on my “wish list” if you fancy buying something ahead of me. Feel free to comment below anything you would like to see on my blog and I will happily look into it.

Now let’s talk about this gorgeous outfit by Alice McCall. AM is one of my favourite designers, I have a trend for loving anything Australian, I love their fashion and they seem to execute that mid designer price range; high end high street yet not quite high end designer. I see AM everywhere but it’s still a brand not everyone knows about, specially in the UK. This is evident because every time I wear something of hers know one I know has heard of it which I love.

There’s obviously the annoying element of custom charges and shipping which means not only does it add up the costs it also makes it awkward to send anything back. Before I ordered this set I was scrolling the internet, blogs and instagram for some advice on the sizing. I found nothing, not even the bloggers had shared the size they were wearing which is something I always do as my blog is a guide to help you find outfits! I came across a Australian boutique which I had never heard of before KOKOLU BOUTIQUE. Despite the time difference I got a reply from the store owner advising me on the sizing, she was the only reply I had so I chose to order with this store. The owner Shae was so helpful, she answered all my queries and when I had problems with the customs she was also there to help. I really recommend this boutique; aside form the fabulous stock and brands they carry, the customer service was amazing and so helpful.

I am wearing size SMALL and it was a perfect fit. I am 5.6″ and usually a UK 8 (a 10 on a bad month.)

Originally I wanted to wear this to Bäoli when I was in Cannes but the package arrived late so I had to pop to Zara. I have worn this since in London, I have worn the top already with a totally different style bottoms and I can’t wait to wear the skirt with a denim shirt or even a knitted jumper. It’s always worth buying separates because you get more wear out them.

Now for my all time favourite part; the accessories!! This bag is indeed my WEDDING PRESENT form Paris (along with the pumps you would have seen on instagram.) My gifts were wrapped in silver paper with unicorn stickers. I was so happy with this bag because I have longed for a knitted Chanel ever since they released some two years ago. This bag was such a great price £1570 as the last knitted style was over £3000. I wanted a piece that was special and not similar to anything else I have. It’s a bit out there but it’s perfect for me.

These boots were my evening shoes for my second wedding dress, I will reveal all my wedding details soon. I had these shoes purchased an entire year before my wedding BEFORE I HAD EVEN BOUGHT MY DRESS (but more of that later), it was torture not to wear them. I am on the hunt for the black ones now. I am wearing size 38.5 which is my exact size, the sizing is very accurate.

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ALICE MCCALL SKIRT & TOP by Kokolu Boutique 




CC xx


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shan September 1, 2015 - 8:24 pm

This outfit is literally the shxt I absolutely love it and its so London fashion week , the new site is amazing and the image quality is really great X


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