Wish My Jacket Was Balmain

by Claire Chanelle

beaded pearl jacket

One of my brand obsessions is Balmain. I normally find that I obsess over a brand that I have not bought into and when I finally buy something the obsession dies down a little. Balmain is one of the brands I have been meaning to buy into but haven’t found the right jacket. Until two weeks ago but I will save that discovery for next week.

I love Balmain for so many reasons. I love wearing black, I love wearing heavily beaded items specially beaded pearls, and I love owning things I really can’t afford because it just feels a bit more special. I am a sucker for falling for those marketing sales tactics. Make something disgustingly expensive and I will want it more.

pearl balmain jacket

balmain jacket

balmain jacket

About 6 years ago I bought a velvet dressing gown from Marks and Spencer and wore it out as a jacket. I must try to find that and wear it again. I have never seen a velvet jacket since that does not remind me of Hugh Hefner!

I always pop to Balmain in search of the perfect tailored jacket. One day I was so excited to see all of the beaded velvet jackets. I stared at them for my entire lunch break, too scared to even try them on. I am never going to be able to afford £8,000 on a jacket. To be honest if I had that kind of money to spend I still would not buy it. So in this case it just was not worth trying on because then any other beaded, pearl, velvet jacket would not compare.

After work I popped into Zara, as I do most days, ok everyday! Paris found another secret stash in the boot the other day. That means the car boot hiding place is no longer. I need to get more creative with more hiding places. He still hasn’t found my last big purchase. I will reveal all when the receipt refund date has expired and he can not force me to return the goods. Anyway what do I walk past? It’s only a VELVET, PEARL BEADED JACKET!! If this jacket was in Harrods with a Balmain label I really would not think it was anything but Balmain. I did not even try it on I took it straight to the till. I have worn it so much already and so many compliments from strangers.

When I was in Marbella a few months ago I saw the matching skirt and regretted not buying it. A few days after I bought the jacket, Paris bought me the skirt. It is nice to have them both but I doubt I will wear them together.

I will show you all the different ways I wore this jacket over the next few days.

This is by far one of my favourite items I have bought this year. The Balmain prices are from £5000 -£8000 the Zara version retails at £130.

Claire xx

PS Bekki if you are reading this can you please email me you’re address AGAIN so I get send you you’re gift. xxx


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Bekki November 22, 2012 - 5:00 pm

Yes read it, I’ll send again!


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