Balmain Candy

by Claire Chanelle
pink balmain

pink balmain

pink leather balmain jacket

outnet balmain jacket

pink candy

chanel shopping

chanel pick up

chanel drive

red chanel tote

This morning at 6am I woke up to a screaming fiancé  “what did you buy for £1500 at the OUTNET!” I thought it was a dream but no it was Paris checking my bank account, apparently he was kindly giving me some money for NYC but after he saw this I think he changed his mind 🙁 I was doing a usual and hiding this purchase until the time was right to break it to him. I was waiting in for the delivery and the huge OUTNET bag (did you see on my instagram) got delivered literally two minutes before Paris opened the front door. We have a coat room by the front door so I threw it (carefully) in that room until the next morning. The torture of not being able to try it on was horrible.

This morning I drove Paris to Sloane Square station at 6.30am to try and be as nice as possible. I looked like a scarecrow with my bed head and bright yellow victoria secret tracksuit. I was defending my purchase and argued how I sold a bag to help fund the buy (I will talk more about this in my next post) and that a new Balmain leather for £1390 was a bargain. I truly believed my words until he reminded me £1390 is in fact a lot for a jacket specially when I already bought a black leather and black suit jacket both by Balmain already this month. Before I could even answer I knocked over a man on a bicycle! I failed to indicate and knocked him off his bike! Paris screamed and held his hands up whilst I was in shock that I was even out at 6am in my pjs let alone nearly killing someone. So to the man on the bike I am sorry and to Paris I will not buy any more Balmain leather jackets this year……. ok I will try.

If you follow the Balmain drops on the OUTNET you will know what everything sells instantly. I knew the date of this drop and woke up at 6.30 am to see the rest of the stock. I refreshed the page every ten minutes until 10am when I had a QUICK shower, I came back to see the drop had been released and the pink leather had sold out! That is how fast it goes. THANK GOD my dear angel at the OUTNET secured me one and it was delivered the same day. I forgot to mention that the card I used declined and I had transfer the final £25 within a minute when this (at  my age) was the first on line transfer I have ever made! After the drama of this jacket it is soooo worth it. Keep an eye on the OUTNET to see amazing bargains like mine.

Today I literally chucked on joggers and a tee because I leave for NYC tomorrow at 5am and still haven’t packed!! The pink jacket made my outfit look amazing even though I did not intend to look this good 😉 A jacket is worth the investment because they make an outfit. I had to dash to Chanel and pick up a bag for a client, what do you think of the bag?

Running Chelsea Styling and his blog is mega hard work but I would not change it for the world.

Now the question is do I freeze to death and take it NYC, yes or no?

Balmain Jacket – THE OUTNET similar one left HERE

Chanel Bag

CC xx


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Adele February 4, 2014 - 6:31 pm

Soooo in love with that jacket, of course it has to go to NYC ! My hubby would have also freaked at the cost…Men! They just don’t understand!!!!
I can’t believe you knocked someone off their bike – were they hurt? I would have been soooo upset.
Hope you manage to get all packed & ready for NYFW, can’t wait to follow along 🙂
Hugs xoxo

Irena D February 4, 2014 - 9:51 pm

wow !! love the jacket and of course chanel!!!


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