Hermes Whispers

by Claire Chanelle
red kelly bag

burgundy vintage kelly bag

hermes elephant cadena

vintage hermes bag

red kelly bag

chouquette first hermes bag

green acne jacket

bright green leather jacket

hermes burgundy bag


elephant hermes padlock

chanel boots

hermes kelly bag

whisper sales vintage kelly bag

vintage kelly bag

Here she is: my beautiful Hemes vintage Kelly 32 bag in burgundy box leather with a super rare elephant cadena padlock! I often get asked why I do not own an Hermes bag and the answer is that I always wanted a vintage one to be my first one and it had to be perfect. My biggest issue was finding a trusted seller as I have heard some horror stories when Hermes is concerned. The established vintage stockist are way over priced or I find their bags are not in good enough condition  so for a full year I have been on the look out for the perfect Kelly from the perfect stockist.

I came across Whispersales on Instagram, yes I can sit for hours searching for bags and shoes I want. So anyway I noticed that this company had the most amazing stock and all the bags looked in amazing condition so I sent them an email enquiring about prices and thought the price points were really reasonable; not too high but high enough to know I would be getting a good quality bag. The first factor I noticed about Whispersales was the knowledge of the team, every questions I asked regarding a particular leather, size or accessory the girls instantly knew the answer. Last but not least they are based not only in the UK but in Chelsea so it was meant to be! I liked the fact the company is based in the UK because this means fast/inexpensive delivery and no custom charges. Whispersales is just over two years old and has over 400 members selling not only vintage Hermes but new Hemes and other brands such as Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton.   The main focus of Whisper Sales is to offer fashion lovers products on request whether it be past, present of future they will accommodate. To summaries the product is right, the price is right, the customer service and knowledge of the team is super and an extra personal bonus for me is the location being in Chelsea. To add that extra something to each order Whispersales offer the option of bespoke dust bags with every purchase (I believe you can order these separately too) how thoughtful if you were buying a bag for a loved one and you want to right a message on the bag maybe for a wedding anniversary or birthday or in my case “CHOUQUETTES VINTAGE KELLY.” The dust bags are a great idea because often vintage bags do not come with the original dust bag so this is the perfect alternative. My dust bag even came with an original Hermes draw string so all these little touches really make the the experience that little but more wonderful. Whispersales do stock products so be sure to sign up to their website HERE and Instagram page HERE to check new inventory however you also can email them on to request a product and they will source what you need.

hermes dust bag

You may wonder why I chose a Kelly over a Birkin and the answer to this is I simply love the Kelly, it is so chic and the size is perfect for day and night.  Have you seen Ashely Madekwe’s Instragram photo saying how much she loves the Kelly and I am sure everyone saw Miroslava Duma wearing her vintage Kelly at fashion week last year? I have my eye on a black vintage box leather Kelly and without a doubt I will be buying this via Whispersales, so watch this space. Thanks to Whispersales I am an Hermes addicted and have officially started my collection, good job I have found the perfect stockist 🙂

kelly or birkin

miroslava duma

Do you think I chose a nice colour? This colour is so rare and I really did not think the girls could locate me one but not only did they source me the exact leather and colour I wanted within a week, it is in perfect condition.



Whisper Sales Vintage Kelly Bag

Whisper Sales Elephant Cadena 

Acne Leather Jacket

Topshop Joggers

Chanel Boots

Burberry Prorsum T-shirt


CC xx

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Adele February 4, 2014 - 7:42 am

Oh it’s stunning Claire. You have chosen so well…I have total bag envy!!!!! Wear it with pride.
Hugs xoxo


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