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by Claire Chanelle
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I just realised I did not buy one new item for this holiday, except for ASOS and Illesteva glasses but these were in fact for fashion week. Believe it or not I do not shop for clothes regularly I spend all my money on designer bags and shoes and when I buy high street I keep the bits I  buy forever.  All my bikinis on this holiday are roughly a year old, I spent a lot of money on them so I am happy to wear them again and again.

Returning to London has made me realise how gloomy it is, I wake up in the dark then it’s black skies again by 5pm, I mean this is not normal! Living in the sun is so effortless; less make up, wavy hair and sun kissed skin, even my photos look better with the natural bright light. Can you tell I have holiday blues?

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Belinski Bikini

Topshop Shirt 

One Teaspoon Shorts

Isabel Marant Sandals 

CC xx

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Fashionfan February 1, 2014 - 6:45 pm

Who cares about high street purchases at asos?! Give us real fashion tips!
Clothes unimaginative
Mismatched styling
And please, if youre going to use plus size models, at least make them look classy.
Poor blog.

Chouquette February 2, 2014 - 12:26 pm

Dear Fashion Fan aka poor name.

I am pretty certain that a lot of people care about what ASOS sells, it’s not a multi million pound company from lack of buyers. My blog is not focused on daily fashion tips, it is about what I wear however with that said I feel that recommending a £12 pair of glasses that are just as good as any £100 plus designer pair is in fact a fashion tip.
This is a beach look hence why I am just wearing a bikini, would you prefer me to wear a chicken on my head or perhaps a pair of victoria secret wings to appear more imaginative? Black bikini with a black top is hardly miss match is it.
Who said anything about plus size models?? If you are incinuating I am “plus size” then maybe I should inform you I AM NOT A MODEL and quite frankly you are offending a huge demo-graph of everyday girls. Maybe you are slim but then again I can not see who you are hiding behind your “” name.
I love reading feedback from my readers however I do not cater to negative, pointless comments therefore I suggest you don’t read my blog.
Thank you for taking the time to log in and post your comment.


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