Nightwear Turned Beachwear

by Claire Chanelle

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This is the first holiday where I wore casual clothes day and night, no make up and not once did a tong or GHD touch my hair, it was  pure relaxation. I hardly even wore shorts, just literally a bikini and a baggy top like this look.

This top is years old form Topshop and was actually a night wear top, night wear is actually really good as beach wear so thats todays style tip.

I know I am late on the sunglasses ban wagon and everyone loves sunglasses but for  me I have only recently got into sunglasses…. f*ck sake like I need another addiction! I started liking them because they look good in photos and it so annoying when I take a good photo and my eyes are shut and it is defiantly a must have for fashion week when photographers take your photo, it saves all the embarrassing half eye shut snaps. Now I get why celebs wear sunglasses in for the paps hee hee. I wanted a cheap pair of glasses for holiday because I seem to ruin holiday glasses shoving them in my bag and scratching them with the sand. I bought these from ASOS and I can not believe how amazing they are, I planned on chucking them after my holiday but they will be coming to fashion week with me and packed with the big boy branded ones I will take. For £12 they are a bargain and I would of paid well over £100 for a pair of glasses like these. Everyone needs these sunglasses.

Topshop Top Similar Here 

Pucci Bikini

Asos Sunglasses

Kenzo Hat

CC xx

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