Chanel Shopping in Leopard

by Claire Chanelle

street style

Last week I bought a new winter coat. I’ve realised the last four years I’ve bought my winter coat from Zara. This is not intentional, Zara just gets it right every time. I have actually bought so much stuff the last month but have been so busy, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have been busy at Harrods, personal shopping, decorating my new house, photo shoots where I lost a pair of my Chanel shoes 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 Can you believe I lost my beautiful gold Chanel pumps! Anyway I am still not strong enough to talk about this.  On a more positive note I can not wait to share with you my new project that is coming soon.

Back to my lovely new coat. I love leopard print and I have never seen a coat that is leopard and not a fur or a trench! The black bottom panel also breaks up the animal print, it is so soft and I just had to have it. I put the coat on hold, something I do a lot when I have over spent and trying so very hard not to buy stuff. The following night Paris and I had a date night. We have been both working very hard and forgot about each other for a day or two. To get back on track he took me to Zuma and then to a secret underground bar. When my boyfriend takes me out he really knows how to do it right. I spent the day shopping with him, then he sent me off to get pampered. When I came home I chose between my two new outfits from Zara and as we were walking out the door he gave me my new coat as a surprise :0)

chanel shopping

The next day I had lots of shopping to do for my clients. This is the outfit I wore, a typical casual outfit you will find me in. I was not in the mood for make up so I shoved a hat on to hide. I have been using my Cèline Phantom so much lately. It is very practical and holds so much (of my crap.)


leopard print coat

fall look

celine phantom purse

street style

This is the second time I’ve worn my Christian Louboutin Roller Girl flats. I wore them first in Paris and moaned all day. The second time round they were a lot better. So it was just a case of wearing them in. They still hurt but that is due to the fact I bought them a size too big and they slip. I am not going to moan, I knew they were too big when I bought them but I was simply bored of waiting so long for my size. Beauty is pain and I will deal with it.

louboutin roller girl shoes


Claire xx


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nadja November 19, 2012 - 5:11 pm

perfect 🙂


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