Dare To Be Different

by Claire Chanelle

lulu guinness card holder

Some days I wake up and I know it is going to be a good day. On Friday I had a good day.  As I opened the front door to start my day, I had a surprise delivery. These are the best kind of deliveries as I am excited what is inside the package and there is not an ounce of guilt in sight because I have not paid for it! My gift was from Lulu Guinness. The girls at Lulu Guinness are so lovely, I love chatting to them when I see them in Harrods. I really did not expect a gift, thank you so much Louise!! Louise could not have picked a more perfect gift for me. My favourite colour is red (and grey) so when I saw the red leather card holder I was so happy. I do not have a card holder, this will be so handy for me. I also had my new red nails still fresh from my date the night before.

lulu guinness

This card holder has been one of the brand’s best sellers. This would make the perfect gift for Christmas. I popped into the boutique on Ellist St yesterday to buy a few bits for some clients. It was my first time in the boutique, it is only small but somehow I was in there 45mins!! I have a new found love for the brand. The products are so quirky and unique. There were a few must have items I feel I really do need otherwise I might actually die. Well I probably won’t die but I would like them…a lot.

There are not many British brands out there selling accessories so it is nice to support our country. For my international readers you should buy into the products for the quality and uniqueness of the brands which is quintessentially British and reflects elements of London.

If you ever find yourself searching for a unique gift I would strongly suggest Lulu Guinness. There are so many cute inexpensive gifts for all ages. I love the lipstick holders and the compact mirrors. My favourite items were:

Dice bag – This is so me, I love anything quirky like this. I just wish I had this for Paris or London fashion week. This bag would have definitely got a lot of attention!

dice bag

Pink Book Clutch – When I saw this bag it was an OMG moment. One of my sayings is “Dare to be different” If you are not different who’s going to follow you, or notice you? No one. Being different means you have to be confident and go with what you like and do not care about what anybody thinks. This bag says all this. Plus the fact it is a book but actually a clutch…AMAZE. Another aspect of this clutch I liked was that it was pink. I have nothing pink. This would be a good introduction for me to the world of pinkness. Lulu I need this book bag and so does everyone else. I think you should all buy one and read it everyday before you get dressed.

lulu guinness lips bags

Pink Lips XL – At Harrods we stock the signature lips clutch bag. I see these all day every day. I have never seen the large size bags. I really do love this bag. A lot of my friends have the lips clutch. For me I would prefer a handle or a chain I am not very good with clutches. This size is perfect and has the all important chain.

Suitscases – I am sure most of you have seen the lips suits cases. This case is my favourite and I have had my eyes on this for a while. It is perfect for my little trips away for the fashion season or for my photo shoots. The new style that has been introduced is the black fabric cases. I would probably buy this style as it expands more and I definitely need the room.

lulu guinness suitcase

I hope you all take a look at my suggestions and fall in love with the brand like I did.

Claire xx

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