Evening Knits

by Claire Chanelle






This is the same look as yesterday but I glam squad it up with heels, a smaller bag and a sparky ring from GEMPORIA. I would love nothing more than small boobs and wear tops like this with no bra and some side boobage but I don’t have that so I opted for my Nike pro bra instead. Which look do you prefer?

Gemporia is a brand I have been wearing for a while now, you may remember my pineapple necklace HERE? This brand is great for a luxe look but at a lower price point. I have bought so many gifts for friends, it’s an ideal brand for gifts.

My Saint Laurent bag hasn’t left my arm since I have had it, its so practical regarding the size, colour and durability. They have just launched it in grey HERE, I want it so bad!

As promised I will share with you what I got for Valentines day. Inside the smaller Chanel box were these dove grey caviar leather with silver hardware flat sandals. I have been looking for a pair of Chanel flats for so long, I wanted the perfect pair and was so patient. As I keep saying Chanel hardly every release dove grey or pastel pieces so I have to have everything if they ever get launched. These grey flats will go with anything in my wardrobe and they will look so amazing with my new Deauville tote and my dove grey Classic Flap. I finally have some nice flat shoes to wear on holiday.

I get just as excited about small thoughtful gifts. These small gifts are more romantic than a bunch of flowers because it shows how well Paris knows me, how much time he has taken to find my dilly things and I love the thought of him buying me these stupid little, cute bits and pieces. I got unicorn slippers (you can  buy HERE) a unicorn mug, a flamingo mug, a pencil case (for French classes) and some cute little erasers in the of koalas and unicorns. I also got some silver unicorn stud earrings. Usually I do not get this spoilt but Paris made is extra special for me because he didn’t hav time to go shopping for small things over Christmas.

Some other knits I am loving right now for the summer are these beach flares HERE and HERE.

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Saint Laurent WOC Grey HERE

Zara Jeans

Zara Knit

Manolo Blahnik Hangisis Shoes 

Gemporia Ring 

Unicorn Slippers and HERE 

Unicorn Mug HERE and HERE

Flamingo Mug  

Chanel Sandals 

CC xx


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