Living The Denim Dream

by Claire Chanelle

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This post is pretty much dedicated to the most perfect denim shorts from River Island.

I love denim, I am known for too much denim. For those of you that double denim ill be in triple denim which can be intensified when I add my denim boy bag. I haven’t found a good pair of denim shorts in a while, so this is news big enough to share. River Island has a growing reputation for its denim department. Which reminds me I have something really exciting to share with you soon; think waist trainer but for legs!

We all have a pair of Levi denim vintage shorts (if you don’t then go buy a pair now) I have had the perfect pair for six years which were my comfy shorts. However two years ago they become too small, I have lost weight but they are still tight. It took me years to find a replacement which were my beloved One Teaspoon ones.  I adore these shorts but it was time I introduced a new pair and hopefully find another denim wash to mix things up. One Teaspoon is pricey, I have to buy on line (for the full collection) and pay expensive charges. You can see my One Teaspoon shorts here and read about my sizing advice. I believe buying a size up.

These River Island shorts had the perfect wash I was looking for with just the right amount of rips but would they fit well? Yes indeed the fit was a dream. The ripped hem is perfect too , I am not too keen on a sewn hem, I think a ripped hem looks nicer and more flattering. These shorts are comfortable, the perfect shape and wash. Usually denim pays to buy designer which is why I parted with £100+ for the One Teaspoon pair, but now I can spend a third of that money, try before I buy and avoid the custom charges and shipping. I was so happy with these shorts I ordered another pair in black, which I have already.

For a causal day look I wore them with an off the shoulder top and my flat gladiator sandals. In the evening I was still wearing them with my mules and nice top and even when I was ill on holiday I was still wearing them with my lovely new Zara knit. I recommend these shorts for the summer and for everyones holiday. I spend a long of time trying on denim shorts, ordering on line and being disappointed. These have been tried and tested, I feel like I can not live another summer without them.






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