Paloma Blue London

by Claire Chanelle


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Whether you travel a lot or once a year you need to know about Paloma Blue London. A british brand founded by blonde (and very leggy) bombshell Arian Stein. I am lucky enough to travel so much, I get to travel with my blog and luckily for my one of Paris’ great passions is traveling and I get to tag along. I am therefore obsessed with bikinis, beach wear and anything holiday related. As you know from my previous articles I always have to have the perfect pair of denim shorts and I love crochet but to be honest thats where my holiday style ends because I don’t like anything too tight, too glamorous or anything that will take up too much room in my suitcase. Think luxury boho.

When I found out about Paloma Blue it was love at first sight. I loved the colours, the style, the luxury appeal it had to me and I was really excited about the shape of the shorts. You can tell instantly these kinda of shorts are going to be flattering. When my Paloma delivery day came I literally stripped and put them on straight away, does anyone else do this when you receive your  on line shopping package? The shorts fit as expected; really flattering and so comfortable. I was so excited about the shorts I did not pay too much attention to the top I thought it was simple tank. On a closer look the back detail is simple but the small simple detail with the gold adjustable toggle is such a nice touch.

Paloma Blue co ords are the most perfect holiday or summer outfit. They feel and look luxury, I literally felt naked wearing this outfit it was so comfortable. I couldn’t be happier finding such a luxe outfit that is so comfortable. I will always love denim shorts but this makes for a nice change and it’s something new and unique. You could pack a different colour co ord set for everyday of your holiday and it would take up no room or weight in your suitcase.

I mixed and match the (100% silk) set all holiday. I wore the shorts with a plain tee and I also wore them with a denim shirt and my Chanel sneakers. The tank works well with simply anything and everything. This co ord is a slight investment but  you get what you pay for to feel and look a little but luxe. I think the price point is accurate and you will get your moneys worth for sure. The tank is priced at £99, the shorts are £105, the sandals are £240 and the trouser are priced at £175. Compare this to Pucci prices and you have yourself a winner.

Palomo Blue is not just shorts an tanks, they do the cutest sandals which I keep stalking on the Paloma Blue instagram. I can’t decide which colour is the best, I have narrowed it down to yellow and black but I still can’t seem to mage to commit to a colour! I also love the long trousers, which are similar to the shorts. This would be the perfect summer pant, holiday pant and travel outfit. When it comes to traveling I am not one of those people that can wear jeans and look nice and stylish, comfort is my priority and I look like i’m wearing pjs at the airport. I have tried to lok for comfy pants without looking too scruffy anfd also tried to find trouser I can wear on holiday. These Paloma Blue trousers are the first ones I have found that cover; comfort, they are not long so I can wear flats without ruined the hem, they can be worn on holiday and I can look stylish for once.

If your’e not convinced yet, click the links below and see the other colour options. Paloma blue is stocked at the most prestigious retailers such as Net A Porter, Intermix, Kings Road boutiques and a few more so it won’t be long until Paloma Blue will become a holiday essential. I know I won’t be traveling without mine.






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