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by Claire Chanelle
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My latest delivery

I have had a few comments regarding my Yves Saint Laurent Arty oval rings and been asked do I know anywhere that sells similar ones that are less expensive. I didn’t know where but I tracked some down on the Miss Guided website. This site is really good for alternatives to designer labels.

There are two websites I see advertised constantly and that’s BooHoo and MissGuided. I think I looked on BooHoo one day, didn’t like it and thought MissGuided was the same thing. So for years I ignored it. Well I was missing out.

I know I love my brands but I really do love high street too. Specially UK high street brands. You just have to shop right when it comes to high street. Don’t ever buy what is on the mannequin; everyone will be wearing it that way. Mix and match yourself and your good to go.

I bought a skirt from Zara this year; chiffon with two splits. I wanted it in another colour and searched the web. I finally found one on MissGuided. When it arrived I was surprised by the quality. Ok it wasn’t Helmut Lang standards by all means. But for £12.99 it was the same as Zara but quarter of the price. From this day on i was hooked!

They update the collection often so I never get bored. I order from their website all the time. Love love love their stuff.  And they always do next day delivery for free and are really good for refunds or exchanges. I often get surprises in there I didn’t order and they don’t charge me – weird but I’m not complaining.

This website is great for blouses (I bought my House of Holland wanna be shirt here) denim shorts, tops…..erm basically everything! The main thing I love is that they do the best ever alternatives to designer brands.

Here are some examples of some designer replicas for pennies:

This is pretty much the same as my YSL ring! The YSL rings around £159.

Keely Oval Ring With Coral Stone ysl copy

Miss Guided

YSL - cocktail ring

My YSL ring

This ring is £5.99! Click here to buy it.

I also found a version of my Jeffrey Campbell spike boots:

These are the Miss Guided ones priced at £54.99. Click here to buy.  They come in black studs as well.  I love my ones but so many people have them and I HATE it when I have something somebody else has! I actually prefer these ones.

Miss Guided spike boots
jeffrey campbell spike boots

My Jeffrey Campbell ones.

Here are few of my favourite things on there right now.

Lemon print dress – £24.99

Farra Lemon Print Bustier Dress

Chiffon skirt in all colours £14.99. Have the same in Zara for £35

Madella Wrap Over Asymmetric Skirt

Tassel shorts £24.99

Evelynn Hot Pants With Fringe Detail

Studded denim – £29.99

Studded Collar Sleeveless Denim Jacket

My favourite vests ever – £11.00

Farissa Oversized Love Vest Top

Studded collar shirt – £25.99

Pearl Collar Detail Blouse

So much more to see, go have a look.

Claire xx




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Shopaholic May 22, 2012 - 10:04 am

Clothes from Zara are like good men- you have to grab them before someone else will. I always buy something and then my friends want the same thing and it’s already too late, sold out.

Chouquette May 22, 2012 - 12:23 pm

In that case my man is a Zara man!
Thats what I love; things go so quick not everyone getsthe chance to copy. However sometimes they keep styles in forever and everyone has the same outfit as you. I went out Saturday and three girls had the same mint Chanel looking jacket on aka my worst nightmare.x

Shopaholic May 22, 2012 - 12:58 pm

Yes, I know which mint jacket you mean, I was thinking about it but instead I got a pink one with golden buttons, I think it’s sold out now 🙂 Yippee!


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