Lacoste Sneakers | Three Styles Worn Three Ways

by Claire Chanelle

I think it’s safe to say that we all own at least one pair of trainers. Some of us (me) own countless pairs. Trainers are a huge part of my wardrobe for so many reasons. I feel most comfortable in flat (comfy) shoes, it suits my tomboy heart, it suits my tomboy style and I always prioritise quality and comfort over anything else. Even when I am feeling girly or I am heading to a meeting, I still like to wear trainers.

I have three pairs of Lacoste trainers to share with you, and I have three different styles to make sure you can relate to at least one of my looks. Once you have seen all three looks and all three styles of sneakers, let me know which pair you love the most. Each time I wore a pair I would think “oh this pair is my favourite” and then I’d think the same about the second and third pair. They are all so different and I hope I managed to show you how versatile trainers can be.

I am also going to be talking you through a typical weekday for me when I am in London as well as sharing a few of my favourite spots with you. Don’t forget to check out the Lacoste trainers here.



One of my all time favourite combinations is pale pinks and denim, especially when the denim is a light wash like my jeans. I also adore pale pink with grey, and we all know how much I love grey. The pink trainers made my heart skip a beat, can you see why? When I saw these on my laptop screen for the first time I instantly knew how I would style them. It’s this moment when I know I have to have something. Do you ever do this? Do you ever see something you want and start putting outfits together in your head and how you can wear it? If you are planning future outfits around items you already own, this is a massive BUY IT NOW sign. Well, I think so anyway.

When I am staying in London, I live a completely different lifestyle to when I am in the countryside. I am more on the go, I am never home, and am always running to a meeting/to shoot or I’m eating out. The majority of the time, you’ll catch me in trainers or some form of flat shoe, and that is fine because I am freelance and usually this means the PR is already aware of my casual style. For those of you that can’t wear trainers to work, I hope this get you excited for the weekend!

One of my favourite breakfast spots is Aubaine in Chelsea, where I like to people watch with my dogs. My other favourite location is the Aubaine inside Selfridges (featured in these photos) because it’s simply stunning. If you want to take a nice photo without people in the background, you have to get there when they open otherwise it’s too busy.


Rule number one for meetings: I need to feel and look comfortable. This is rule number one for life mode, actually. I cannot focus if I am not comfortable, and it will for sure affect you too. If you have a presentation at work, or maybe you are heading to an interview or that important meeting, make sure you feel comfortable. Otherwise you will focus too much on feeling stupid and fantasising about getting home to your pjs and slippers. I am usually running late so being able to run is often an essential for me.

This second look is a clean-cut outfit that I would wear to a meeting, but it’s still very much me; it’s still casual and not too girly. I really like how simple and clean cut these Lacoste pumps look. I just need to make it my mission to keep them fresh looking.

If you look closely they have just the right amount of detail, but because they are all white they are still understated. I love this look of black and white against the gold hardware on my bag.

Dresses are not my go to thing to wear, but I if I am able to pair a dress with trainers or even boots to make it more “me” then I am happy. I feel that these trainers work well with dresses because they are not super sporty and have a perfect mix of fashion and sport.

Why don’t you try styling one of your favourite work/going out dresses and pair them with trainers?  Let me know how it turns out.


Paris and I always end our evenings in London with a dog walk. Usually, we love to walk by Chelsea Embankment, where St Albert’s bridge is one of my favourite spots in London. You should absolutely try to go see it at night because it looks beautiful when it’s lit up.

I love the simplicity of these Lacoste trainers, I love the sleek white with the rose gold accents. I have wanted some rose gold trainers for a long time but I did not want full rose gold; these are perfect and just what I was looking for. I also love the tiny bit of height they give me.

Let me also introduce you to my sister’s dog, Noah, who is staying with me whilst my two girls are in Cannes.

You can shop my Lacoste trainers and all the other styles here.







Photos by Moeez Tali

This post contains sponsored content. All views, styling and creative direction is my own.

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Carine September 16, 2017 - 7:06 pm

Hello Claire,
Thank You for all the job You make, and Aldo for your vidéos. I love them. I love your first outfit hear and specially the bag. CAN You please tell me the brand? Si it an HERMES BAG? Thank You for answering. Kiss from France ( cannes).

Sacred and Profane Designs September 18, 2017 - 2:29 pm

Love the pink pair! Cute and elegant at the same time!

Esther September 19, 2017 - 12:55 pm

The Lacoste Trainers are very cute. I love the pink once.
Your pictures are so amazing. Have a great week.

Love, Esther

Chouquette September 19, 2017 - 7:01 pm

Mr Mittens. Everything I wear will always be listed on my shop page x

Odette September 19, 2017 - 5:01 pm

Absolutely stunning! I love all these looks!
Where is that beautiful blue cardigan from?
Kisses Odette

Cassie September 20, 2017 - 5:37 pm

I’ve never thought of buying sneakers from Lacoste.

I’ve just purchased pink ones.


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