R.I.P Chanel Pumps :(

by Claire Chanelle

chanel pumps

I have some sad news.

This tragic incident happened last week. I have not had the strength to discuss this up until now. The first stage was denial. The second stage was shock. The third stage was hope. The fourth stage was anger. The fifth stage was hurt. The sixth stage was it could have been worse. The seventh stage was acceptance. Therefore it took me seven days to get over what happened.

Last week I was on a photo shoot. Which I cannot wait to share with you. The shoot was all about CHANEL! Most of the pieces I had were not mine and borrowed from boutiques and agencies. However I had bought the odd few items on my own. Everything I had was my responsibility but as you can imagine the bits that are my own are more precious to me. I am not sure what happened, where they got lost or who had stolen them all I know is that they are gone. For me the shoes had sentimental value. They were my first pair of Chanel pumps that Paris bought me for our very first Valentines day. I also have the matching heels and bag. It is time to move on.

This is where my pumps used to live. Can you see them happy at home. Now they are lost and alone.

walk in wardrobe shoes

I would like to share with you these images of my beloved shoes. Gone but not forgotten. I hope who ever has them receives bad karma. A lesson learnt.

Claire xx

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Veronica November 30, 2012 - 5:44 pm

Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear of this 🙁


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