Valentino Rockstud Fave of the Week

by Claire Chanelle

valentino rockstud shoes

Here are some evening photos of my pearl beaded jacket as promised and my new shoes.

I wore this outfit to an event in Shoreditch. I received a lot of comments on the jacket but mostly for my shoes! I have had my eye on these babies for a few weeks. I could not decide on nude and black, plain blakc or red. I decided I had enough plain black shoes and I do not need new red shoes when I have just bought some Christian Louboutin heels in red. So I decided on the nude and black and I am very happy with them. I now have my eye on a Valentino Rockstud bag. The wish list grows and grows, I tick something off the list and add three more items. Doe’s anyone else do this? Maybe I need to read my ‘To Buy or Not to Buy” book some more.

I am so happy with these shoes. The older I am getting the more practical I am getting. OMG I sound old. I used to be one of those girls that wobble around in heels no matter where I was. Don’t get me wrong I am still that girl. I socialise with a lot of French people  and they just do not dress like me, to put it into simple terms. I am always the one with blow dried hair, covered in sequins, wearing neon/spiked heels and need to take taxis due to my attire. My friends shove their hair in a bun and wear ballet pumps! Anyway when I wore these heels I actually walked from Kings Road to my house (ten mins walk) this is the first pair of heels that have allowed me to do so! They are beyond comfy and I don’t even need help walking. They are so so so amazing and my new favourite pair of shoes….for this week anyway.  I do have my eye on a pair of Chanel ankle boots and by tomorrow they will be my new favourite shoes.

red chanel bag valentino shoes

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To transform my look to more of an evening outfit I swapped the denim jeans in for faux leather leggings and trading in my red Prada bag for my small patent Chanel bag. Then of course a pair of heels sex up any outfit, especially when they are Valentino Rockstud ones.

I would recommend these Valentino shoes for comfort and there striking appeal. They feel very elegant to wear. When I wore them I saw a lot of girls looking and pointing at my feet, which is always nice.

I will be announcing the winner of the best dressed tomorrow on twitter!

Claire xx

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Tas November 26, 2012 - 2:17 pm

Yes my list NEVER shrinks, every time I whittle it down to 5 items, I somehow double it by the end of the week! I wonder if my wishlist will ever be complete?
Lovely shoes, I prefer this colour- they are also on my list. Would you say they are classics? I’m trying to only invest in more classic pieces

Bekki November 29, 2012 - 6:59 pm

Many thanks for my gift x


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