Va Va Voom

by Claire Chanelle
electric blue valentino bag

valentino bag

electric blue valentino bag

electric blue valentino

valentino aw14

I bought this bag six weeks ago and was desperately trying to save it for fashion week but clearly I could not last that long. I convinced myself that I needed to share it earlier because I would be annoyed with myself if someone else wore it and then I look like I have copied (pathetic really.) I have wanted this Va Va Voom bag for about a year but could not decide on the colour, I think nude is beautiful but I already have a nude Valentino here. I love black but I am considering a black WOC and then there is red but my Chanel is too similar so I decide on blue but was not keen on the navy, it’s nice but not the one. I knew this bright neon blue was coming so I bought it the day they were released. I have done so well throughout 2013 regarding my rule of only buying “classic items” and I still think this constitutes because I wear my electric blue Céline Mini Luggage all the time which makes me feel confident I will wear this one a lot.

I love the feel of the bag when I use it which is really important for me; I love the feel of the opening and closing of a bag this is translation for ” bagoholic”. You know you have a problem when the smell and touch of a bag excites you haha. The leather is really soft, the compartments are practical, it’s light, the chain is comfortable and the size is perfect. There is nothing worse then buying a bag that is unpractical, unwearable or uncomfortable so all round I love this bad and would recommend it.

Tomorrow I will post an outfit wearing the bag but for now he are some selfies.

valentino va va voom

haters jumper

CC xx

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