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by Claire Chanelle
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chanel nail varnish

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For a long time I have been requested to talk about my beauty regime and what products I use so this is the start of me talking about make up and share with you my favourite tips and products. I thought I would start with the most obvious favourite products and of course this is CHANEL. I wear a range of beauty brands but you can never go wrong with Chanel and it’s that little bit of luxury for everyone. Friends and family always say I am so difficult to buy for but I think I am the easiest person ever to buy for as give me a Chanel lipstick or nail polish and I am a happy girl. Chanel products look so pretty in my bedroom and in my handbag and you can never have too many beauty products.

For years and years I have been searching for a Chanel beauty/vanity case and they are so bloody hard to find. I have found a few nice ones but they are always over priced and basically the same price as a bag so of course I would prefer a bag over a vanity case so I never end up buying one. I wanted to share this cosmetic bag I found at Vintage Heirloom because it is the first one I have ever found for under £500 and the condition is pretty much perfect. The best thing about this case is the size; ideal for travelling but it still looks pretty on your dressing table. Inside there is a little side pocket perfect for my perfume. This case is available to buy at Vintage Heirloom click here if you feel like spoiling yourself 😉

The photo of the green perfume with the bracelet are two really special pieces of mine as it  was the first perfume and first present Paris ever bought me. I know perfume expires but I hate using it because I want to save it! The smell reminds me of the South of France as Paris took me there on our first holiday together and that is when he gave me the perfume, it’s amazing how a smell can bring back memories. The bracelet is my total FAVOURITE Chanel jewellery ever ever as it was bought for me by Paris for know reason and he left notes around his flat for me to find it. The first clue was on the roll of toilet roll and I randomly found it whilst going to the toilet!! I think this was actually my first vintage Chanel piece come to think of it. This also makes me realise how romantic Paris USED to be and I feel he needs to step his game up again ha

PS don’t hate my flowers I really love dead roses, they are the only flowers that look pretty dead so they are the best flowers to buy because they last longer. I even bought these flowers myself so yep it’s confirmed Paris has lost his romantic charm!

Chanel Lipstick: Rouge Coco Baume, Rouge Coco Shine Liberté

Chanel Palettes: 93 Smoky Eyes and Pudrf Universelle Compacte and Soleil Tan De Chanel

Chanel Nailpolish: Frenzy, May, Péridot and Velvet Mat Top Coat

Chanel Perfume: Coco and Poudré

Chanel Mascara: Inmitable

Chanel Bracelet Orsini Vintage

CC xx

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The Provoker December 30, 2013 - 11:03 am

I love your Chanel station, thinking we all need one! <3 Wishing you a provocative NEW YEAR AHEAD!

xx The Provoker


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