Wildfox Does Denim

by Claire Chanelle
wildfox denim jeans

wildfox denim jeans

stella mccartney shoes

red chanel flap bag


keep your friends close but your enemies closer jumper

vintage heirloom chanel bag

forever 21 jumper

vintage chanel photo shoot

wildfox denim review

wilfox Marianne in Lovestruck jeans

vintager heirloom

vintage Chanel earrings

chouquette fashion blog

marianne love struck red jeans

red chanel purse

vintage red chanel bag

wildfox couture denim

Where do I start with this post…I have so much to talk about!

Ok let me start with the jeans as jeans are an important part of everyone’s lives, who doesn’t wear jeans. I am sure like me you have all tried on hundreds of pairs of jeans to find the right style and fit for your body, am I right? I must admit I do not find jeans too difficult to find because I am average height and my hips are average size however that doesn’t mean that all jeans feel great on me. I always stick to Zara because they are cheap (not the cheapest) and why should I spend £200 plus on a pair of jeans when a £40 Zara pair are just fine. Recently I have been getting annoyed with how much my jeans are sagging, size 8 sags too much and size 6 fits but the zip pulls open slightly. I also have been looking for a bright red pair of waxed jeans for, no joke, two years! I tried red leather trousers but they are like £1000 or I look like a slut bag, Paris calls me the escort or says my Essexness comes out of me when I wear stuff like this –  really insulting I know. You may say “oh Zara sells red waxed jeans”….err no they don’t! If one more person tells me Zara sell waxed jeans I will …….well I wont do anything but 1. they never ever sell bright red only burgundy 2. all the waxed jeans I have from Zara are now saggy and 3. last year they sold a red pair but they were A. 3/4 length B. covered in zips and stitching and C. just not nice. SO can you begin to imagine how excited I was when Dust PR sent me a pair of Wildfox jeans IN BRIGHT RED WAXED DENIM 🙂 For those of you who do not know, Wildfox have introduced a denim line which is great for me because I love Wildfox, the only problem I have with the brand is they execute the slogan tees (love a slogan tee) and knitted jumpers so well I just wish they had more to offer LIKE JEANS thank you Wildfox for making my dreams come true and creating the most perfect pair of waxed jeans in the most perfect shade of red.

When I first saw these jeans I thought “oooo la” a French phrase I picked up from Paris, they literally looked like the jeans of a small child but it was fine they are super stretchy and mould to your body. I feel this is a Wildfox trick because the jeans look so small and when you realise you fit inside you feel good about yourself. I love wearing super tight jeans with a baggy tee aka the Wildfox look. These jeans are major comfy, major sexy, major day to night wear and just all round major and I can honestly say these are my most fave jeans ever; aesthetics and comfort wise. I can not wait to show you the rest of the colours and styles. If you are looking for red jeans these are tried and tested by someone who has been searching for years so listen to me and buy them. The designer of the jeans is Michelle Siwy you may remember the brand Siwy Denim? Michelle Siwy is no longer affiliated with the Siwy Denim brand, and the denim products advertised by Wildfox are not produced by Siwy Denim.

At the end of this week I want to talk to you more in depth regarding Wildfox and the new denim range because I have a lot to say as per usual and fear I might bore you with too much in this one post so stay tuned for more styles and colours of Wildfox denim!

My next big new discovery is Forever 21 yes I know this is nothing new and I am slow on the up take, what kind of fashion blogger am I?! I first went into a Forever 21 store in LA at The Grove, I liked it but didn’t love it, probably because Victoria Secret was opposite and that was back in the day when the UK did not have a Victoria Secret. I actually preferred it when VS was not in the UK because now I don’t get excited about it when I go to America and it’s less special for me. Anyway I popped in there for Christmas presents and was in there for over an hour please note I am the quickest shopper EVER I see what I like instantly, never try on anything and leave. The prices are AMAZE ING; jackets for £20, jeans for £16 and this jumper for £16 I would have paid £45 actually £50 for this jumper and if it was a designer brand in Harrods I would have paid more for sure. The quality is still good, these jumpers are really soft inside and a god shape. The only problem is the shopping isn’t so cheap when you walk out with 6 bags but then again I did buy multiple outfits so it’s fine! I am looking forward to sharing with you my other great buys and it’s affordable for everyone. This is proof that I really do wear what I like and there is nothing wrong with mixing a £3k Balmain jacket with a £16 jumper and £22 jeans it’s all about mixing and matching and buying a few key investment pieces. I didn’t choose this jumper because I really do believe you should keep your enemies close as I actually believe in the opposite because I would never waste my precious time with people I do not like and you should only be surrounded by positive people that are your true friends with that said its funny and I liked it!

Now for the bag my favourite part of mine and everybody else’s outfit. I wanted to share this bag with you because it is almost identical to my red Chanel one I bought last year here. My red bag receives the most emails from my readers asking if it is for sale or if it is new, the answer is my red one is a seasonal bag and red bags are quite hard to come by (brand new) unless you want a WOC. My one is the perfect size as I use it for shopping in the day, when I go out in the evening and it’s great for holidays. I am delighted to tell you that almost an identical bag is now available at Vintage Heirloom and although it is vintage it is in totally pristine, immaculate condition. Considering this bag is lamb skin the condition is even more impressive, I can not stop touching the leather as it is so soft. I doubt I will see a bag similar to mine any time soon specially a vintage one at this price in this condition, are you temped yet?? All you have to do it click here.

Last but not least shoes. Paris bought me these last Christmas, I get a pair of shoes every Christmas and no doubt I have just jinxed myself now and will not get any this year…..I dare you Paris to not buy me any and see what happens. I do not wear these shoes because they are slightly too big and not that comfy, I wanted to wear them with this outfit though. I am so glad I chose these because I am certain my feet have shrunk and now they are really nice to wear and the rubber sole make it really easy to walk in. This means I will be wearing them more now.

This is one of my favourite looks I have worn in a Long time, what do you think?

Forever 21 Jumper 

Wildfox Marianne Lovestruck Jeans

Stella McCartney Shoes

Vintage Heirloom Red Chanel Bag

Vintage Chanel Earrings

CC xx


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