by Claire Chanelle
green mini chanel

gold re issue 2.55 chanel bag

green mini chanel

green chanel handbag necklace

gold jumbo chanel bag

green acne leather jacket

christian louboutin sample sale

green mini vintage chanel bag

christian louboutin black ankle boots

mini chanel 2.55 bag necklace

vintage chanel emerald green bag

vintage chanel baby handbag

baller forever 21 tshirt

green leather acne biker jacket

green minin chanel bag

bright green acne leather jacket

cropped leather acne jacket

mini chanel bag necklace

So here it is guys my Acne surprise, a green leather biker jacket. Green is usually not a colour I go for but recently I am trying to experiement with new colours because I always wear the same thing. I think as long as you colour block bright colours are easier then you think to wear, I realised this when I started wearing bright colour blocked bags like my red Chanel and electric blue Céline. I found my bright blue Céline easier to wear then the black and white Mini Luggage. I saw this jacket ages ago, I loved it but thought I wouldn’t spend that much on a green jacket, however I decided I really needed it and then discovered it was sold out everywhere…always the way. When I finally found one I was so happy and it was a 36 which is my size (for oversized jackets like this.) The day after I bought it Vintage Heirloom uploaded a photo on their instagram (see last photo) of two mini classic flap Chanel necklace/bags, I have mentioned before how much I love these mini handbags (click here and here if you don’t remember) and when I saw there was a matching green one I had to have it. This bag is technically not mine yet it’s still up for grabs OR should I get it?! There is also a gold one available too which is so beautiful (click here to see) and will go with everything, who ever buys this I will be so jealous and please let me know if anyone buys it. Both of the mini bags are quite damaged unlike the pristine red Chanel I showed you yesterday but this is part and parcel of vintage and the character it has to offer, for me its apart of the bag. Did you notice the stain on the front of the green bag, this mark does not bother me at all but that is because I am a great lover of vintage and 9/10 a vintage bag will have some kind of mark or smell, what do you expect these items are at least ten years old. These bags may make you think “how would I wear that” and few of my friends have said that they don’t like them because they are not classic but I totally disagree, people that say this about these bags are just scared of them because they are different and very statement! Ok so some of you may be fine styling them and you just don’t like them which is fine but for those of you that like them but not sure how to wear them I hope my photo inspires you. I would wear mine mainly as a necklace but how cute would this be for an evening bag (when you do not need to carry so much) think of the photos! Either way these necklaces are a great statement piece and perfect for someone like me that attends events and fashion week and needs those eye catching pieces. This necklace is also ideal for any Chanel obsessed person like myself, as they are so rare and just cute to look at.

So which colour would you go for green or gold? Would you wear one and have I convinced you how amazing they are?

My boots are from the Christian Louboutin sample sale yes how amazing they were really cheap! I wont tell you how cheap they were because it might upset you. The loub sample sale is a pain in the a*** because I have to get up at 5am and queue outside for minimum of two hours BUT it is sooooooo worth it and nothing will stop me from buy Loubs for £150 brand new. I had so many email about the sample sale so one day this week I will talk about it and upload some photos of the shoes I bought and what happens inside.

My Tshirt is another one of the items I bought from Forever 21 my new obsession and thank god it is a cheap obsession unlike my Chanel and Balmain one because I really couldn’t afford another expensive obsession. I love slogan T-shirts and Forever 21 is full of them and all from £10 to £20 this is why I bought so much stuff the other day and I can not wait to show you what else I bought.


Vintage Heirloom Mini Satin Chanel Necklace/Bag 

Forever 21 T-shirt 

Acne Leather jacket 

Zara Jeans

Christian Louboutin Boots

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag

CC xx

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