A Little Thank You

by Claire Chanelle


This look was from LFW but this is what I wore to relax in after all the shows. Fashion month is seriously exhausting and as much as I love it all I also love the end of it when I can relax! This article is not just about my outfit which of course I will tell you all about; I wanted to talk about one of the brands I love working with and how I couldn’t make this blog without all the help from the people around me and you guys.

This entire outfit (part from the Gucci slippers) is from NEWLOOK. I didn’t even pick any of it and that is why I love working with NEWLOOK. For me the relationships I have with the brands are so important, all my projects are with brands I work long term with and with brands I love and buy into. I love to mix high end items with high street and I have been buying NEWLOOK since I was a young teenager. 15 years on and I am still wearing it.

I love the press team at NEWLOOK, they are so thoughtful, from sending me a pair of surprise flamingo slippers to these jeans with my initials embroidered on the back pocket. It makes my day when I receive a surprise gift with personalised touches, thank you NEWLOOK for always making my day and making me love what I do. This article isn’t sponsored and I was not paid to say this or wear this outfit, I just wanted to take the time to thank a few people.

My jeans are high waist jeans from NEWLOOK, click here to see them. They do not come with embroiled initials but you could easily arrange to do this your self or even buy letter motif which you can iron on. This would make a perfect, personalised gift for someone special or even for your self. I absolutely love wearing personalised clothes, it is so easy to achieve; why not try it yourself?

My bomber is also from NEWLOOK, but sadly sold out. I have listed below some other bombers I have and that are still in stock. This jacket was another gift from the PR team, they knew I loved the plain version so much (here and in the sale) so they sent me this version, which I absolutely loved. I love these jackets, they are so light for traveling and fit my tomboy style. I nearly bought the Saint Laurent version here, which I still love but why spend £1300 on a jacket when this one is identical?

By the way my super rare Gucci slippers are now back in stock in red and black! Maybe by the time you are reading this they are sold out again but today they are defiantly in stock. I always get asked about sizing for these shoes. They are pretty true to size. I am a 38.5/39, I wear a 38.5 in the closed loafers but a 39 in the slippers. I wanted to avoid any foot over hang; the size 39 are the perfect fit for me. A huge tip I have for these loafers is please get them re soled with a rubber sole. If you don’t the leather sole with wear down to the bone after two wears. I get mine re soled and they last a life time. The closed black loafers that I have are also back in stock here!

I also wanted to thank my lovely assistant for her amazing help. Danielle is my little helper, she does so much to help grow my business and keeps it going behind the scenes. Danielle and Paris are so much help to me. I hope the story of how I started working with Danielle inspires you to get up and chase your dreams….

I receive lots of emails asking to intern or help with CHOUQUETTE. I actually read all of them but only three caught my eye. I replied to the three girls who sent me their CV but it was Danielle who I finally agreed to meet. Danielle was a follower, I used to see her comments and noticed she didn’t give up sending me emails. I saw how passionate she was about working with me and she had a very impressive CV. We met for tea at Harrods and immediately I fell in love with her. Danielle is me 13 years ago, she reminded me of ME when I was a student so I knew she was perfect. We started off with small projects but a year on Danielle organises all of my fashion months, arranges all my invites, she looks after some of my social media platforms and works side by side on some of my collaborations. I hope Danielles story inspires you to chase a job you really want.

Danielle is a student at LCF but now works with me in her spare time and days off, her sheer determination to work with me got her a meeting and now she is a valid member of my brand. Thank you Danielle for all your hard work.

Thank you to my best friend Christine who texts me one second after I have instagramed and made a spelling mistake in the caption. She helps me decide what photos to instragram. It would be hard to do this competitive job without my close friends. If you have a friend(or friends) like me make sure you cherish them because it is super hard to work alone without any support.

Lastly I would like to thank every single one of you reading this. I started my blog as a hobby and loved chatting to other girls online about shoes, bags an outfits. Five years on I am still doing that. There are so many of  you that I talk to on a regular basis about new bags purchases, to an annoying husband/boyfriend. Without your support or interest in my blog I couldn’t do this. It makes me so so happy when someone comments on an instagram photo saying “I just bought this because of you” or sends me an email saying they bought an item I was wearing or they find my story inspiring; these messages make my week. Please don’t ever stop sharing your thoughts with me or asking for my style advice because this is why I am here. Thank you for supporting me, taking the time to read my stories about clothes and other non important stuff, for all your comments (I read every single one) and thank you to all the loyal readers who come back time and time again. Thank you for encouraging me when I feel like giving up because I feel like I am not doing well enough and thank you to everyone who encouraged me to start my YouTube channel. You are all so supportive and lovely to me.

I am SO SORRY if this is a weird/dramatic article, I have hardly won a Bloglovin or Cosmopolitan award (that would be nice one day) I have actually won nothing but I realised I have never taken the time to thank anyone, I just wanted to thank a few people. There are so many other brands I would need to thank like NET A PORTER for taking a chance on me and making me become one of their strongest sellers, the same to Luisa Via Roma, they too believed in me and helped me grow. Thanks to NIKE who worked with me from day one of blogging. I am forever loyal to you all.

Anyway I think I have embarrassed myself enough. Tomorrow I will be back to bags, shoes, clothes, make up and holidays 🙂

For those of you that couldn’t find my feature in the Daily Mail, you can read it here.






CC xx

Danielle – @chaniellelondon

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Sarah October 24, 2016 - 7:16 pm

Hi. I love your blog and your YouTube, you are committed and interesting to read. However, you’ve got to get you posts proofed! Defiantly, you mean definitely. Advise, you should have wrote advice. This isn’t the first or only post where you’ve had typos or spelling mistakes, go back and have a look. Don’t leave your work to spell check, you’re better than that. X

Chouquette October 24, 2016 - 7:38 pm

The honest answer is…. I still think no one is reading my blog. I write it fast then think, oh there is no point checking it because no one reads it. Today I had so many people tell me what you wrote here. I have promised myself that I will now read back my work. I also need to stop thinking no one reads my text.
Thanks for taking the time to comment x


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