CC Bikers

by Claire Chanelle

aqua couture blazer

I wore this outfit to a work meeting last week. I can not wait to show you a little project I worked on with Vintage Heirloom recently….think Chanel overload!

If you follow my instragram account @iamchouquette you will know I bought these Chanel biker boots a few week ago and I love them so much. I have always wanted a pair of Chanel biker boots but when ever I come across them I am not prepared enough (money wise) because biker boots are not always in stock. It’s not like I see a pair and then I save up and they are still there a few weeks later, you know Chanel they are there one day then sold out the next. This time I saw them and wasn’t going to let them go so I begged the sales associate to hold them for me for a day. I went to the Chanel store three times that day to check they were still there and at one point a lady was trying on MY boots and I heard her moaning that they shouldn’t be on hold and she wanted to pay now! The next morning I went back and bought them and I was so relieved they were finally mine.

They are pretty heavy and at first they were quite uncomfortable but I have worn them in a bit now and getting used to how heavy they are. I am so worried they will get scratched though, this is the only down side to wearing expensive brands. For me this was a really extravagant item to buy especially because I love Chanel bags so much and really wanted a Chanel WOC. They cost me £1095 which of course is so expensive for biker boots but in my opinion I adore them so much and they will be in my wardrobe forever, the cost per wear in this case will more than justify this big purchase. What do you think, are they worth it?? I will make sure I take some more detailed photos of them soon.

These earrings are the perfect chic accessory to brighten up a simple outfit. They are not too heavy either so I can wear them all day. The last time I checked Vintage Heirloom they received another pair so go grab them before they go, and if they have sold out before you got the chance just send them an email to source you another pair.

celine bag

quilted chanel boots

white backless jacket

black waxed jeans

black celine phantom

Aqua Couture Blazer

Zara Vest

Zara Waxed Jeans

Chanel Boots

Vintage Heirloom Chanel Earrings 

Celine Phantom

Claire xx

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Mimi November 20, 2013 - 10:31 pm

Stunning xx

Georgia November 22, 2013 - 3:52 pm

Boots are amazing!……whats on your Christmas list this year? Be good to see a post about things you are waiting for/wanting. X

Chouquette November 24, 2013 - 5:38 pm

Good idea! I will create a Christmas list this week. xx


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