My Kind Of Faux

by Claire Chanelle

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When it comes to fakeness it’s a no go for me except when it comes to fur. Fur it such a touchy subject and I am kind of on the fence when it comes to is it right or wrong. I personally have never owned anything real fur and the only piece of real fur I have ever tried on is my friends blue fox fur (maybe you saw on instagram?) I also love wooly hats with fur bobbles but apart form that I am not a big fur lover. I am not against fur completely because I am not a vegertarian and I do wear leather bags and shoes however it is imperative fur and leather is sourced from legal farms.

In the UK the winters are so cold and I love how warm and cosy fur is but I have struggled to find the perfect one. Last winter I was desperate for a black and white fur but I could only find real fur which was out of my budget and I always feel a bit weird/cave man like when I try them on. I would also be too scared to walk pass Harrods when the fur protestor are on strike! I also think some faux fur looks really cheap and plastic, so when I found this fur coat in Dorothy Perkins I was so happy and I knew it was the one. It also comes in white and grey which I can imagine would look so nice on brunettes. The fur is really soft and the shape is not too boxy. The best part about this coat is it has now gone into the sale so check out the website and order one online, it is such an unbelievable price!

I discovered this coat when I took part in the Arcadia Group Trick or Treat challenge. The challenge was for bloggers, we had to visit each Arcadia store and pick some items that was on our challenge sheet; statement necklace, winter coat, party dress etc the day was so much fun and it was a nice to take part in a unique event and go on a treasure hunt. Thank you girls for an amazing day and letting me take part, I can not wait for the next Arcadia challenge!

Dorothy Perkins Faux Fur

Zara Top

Zara Jeans

Reiss Hat

Chanel Biker Boots

Chanel Tote

Versace Necklace

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Irena D November 19, 2013 - 10:46 pm

LOve it !!!!
the bag is amazing

Charlotte November 25, 2013 - 9:34 am

You have the Donna Ida fur coat!…..only know because I LOVE that jacket!

Chouquette December 8, 2013 - 4:41 pm

No this fur is faux and from Dorothy Perkins. x


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