Champagne taste, lemonade money.

by Claire Chanelle

It’s clear guys and girls I like my designer bits and bobs. However sometimes thing’s get in the way of me reaching my shopping aspirations, this factor is indeed money!! Sometimes I can afford stuff and its a case off not wanting to waste money, sometimes I can only afford half of what I want and sometime’s on awful occasions I can’t afford anything…sob sob. So I will teach you what I know and how to prioritise.

Rule number 1: Always pick the accessory over a dress or some kind of garment. Shoes, bags and statement jewellery will last you longer and go further.

Rule number 2: There will always be something on the high street that replicates a designer piece. It might take you a while but you will find it or you can ask me and I will find it for you.

Rule number 3: Buy something cheaper and customise it. Please don’t go ott and crazy. The simplest changes can go a long way. For example sew some fringing on a blouse, add some studs or sequins to something, cut some jeans – endless ways! Think of how Gok Wan customises stuff and DONT DO THAT. If your creations don’t reflect his, your doing well. Point is you don’t need to spend money to find something great.

Rule number 4: Vintage. vintage. vintage. Also charity shops. My favourite belt was £1.20 from Cancer research shop. I get so many compliments for it.

Rule number 5: This is one is more of a trick I am slowly trying to teach myself. When you see something you love, ask the store to keep what ever it is to put on hold. This gives you time to decide on whether you really do need it or not. And do you actually love it to the point where you will go all the way back to town to get it. This has really worked for me. Try it.

So heres an example. Couple of months ago I fell in love with a House of Holland pastel shirt £195. I put it straight back and told my self there is no need to pay basically £200 for a shirt thats pastel and I will get board of. Specially when I know I can walk into Zara and they will have similar shirts. Two weeks went by, I must of visited the shirt 9 times! The day I decided to buy it, it was all sold out!! Bummer! I am so glad it had sold out because I would only of worn it a few times. Then I discovered it on Miss I paid around £20 for the shirt and it is basically the same shirt! Bargain and I am so pleased with it. I saved myself £170.

Replicas need to make sure they allow 6 to 9 difference within the design to avoid being sued.

Here are some photos of my Miss Guided blouse. By the way I used to hate Miss Guided (hadn’t even looked at there products) but now I love them.  Obviously House of Holland is the nicer blouse but it does the same thing right?

House of holland blouse

House of Holland blouse £185

My Miss Guided blouse £22.99!

Have you ever been hot in your house/flat and walked out the door thinking it’s summer time and its freezing? Well thats what I did today. I was hot and flustered at home and the sun was shining. It was bloody freezing and I was walking along Brompton road looking like a walking pastel rainbow!! I was getting the strangest looks and then realised everyone was in grey and black.  Oh well.

This is also my wannabe Celine leather biker jacket. Mine is from Zara £120. The Celine costs £2350.

Black leather biker jacket - Zara.

I love the puffed sleeves, resembling the Celine motorcycle look.

I couldn’t even afford the middle of the line version; Joseph £850.

Joseph version. £850

Celine version the real deal. £2350


If you found this post helpful I will try and find designer key pieces and show you where you can locate the lookie likies.

Claire xx

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