CHANEL Supersize

by Claire Chanelle




Remember last month I told you on Instagram I bought something amazing from Designer Exchange….well ta da! I haven’t had a chance to wear it so no outfit post but I did wear it to the photo shoot with the Sunday Times Style Magazine, so maybe there will be a shot in there TOMORROW, if not Sunday I will be posting a behind the scenes article from the shoot.  I also wore it on another shoot with d’or et d’argent but I can not reveal these photos just yet. I am really excited to share the project with you soon and tell you all about our collaboration.

For any Chanel addict this bag is a dream, because it’s not a size that comes around often, I myself have only seen this size once in Paris in a vintage store. As soon as I saw this re issue I had to have it, the girls in Designer Exchange all knew I would love it because I love all the unusual styles. Not only was this bag an amazing find but it was in my favourite colour: grey aka meant to be.

Ever since I bought the denim Boy bag from DEX I have created this awful anxiety that if I do not go there everyday I may miss something. The worse part is every time I go in there I literally find total gems that have just came in and I know will sell before it’s even been put on the Instagram. First it was the denim Boy, then this one, then the small Dallas Boy that my friend bought, then this one and yesterday I saw another one that I HAVE TO HAVE. When will this end?! My advice is to try and visit the store as they have so much more then what you see on the social media. Or you can contact them and ask to be put on a waiting list for a bag you are hunting for. I am someone that loves to buy from the stores; so if its a Chanel bag I want to buy from Chanel as I enjoy the whole experience and I like my items new BUT DEX has changed me because their stock is too good to pass up and all the bags (yes theres quite a few now) I have purchased from there are all immaculate or brand new. I can not get enough of this place and clearly one of their biggest fans.

This isn’t  a bag I will use often because of the huge size but IF I do need a big bag for traveling or a photo shoot or maybe one day I want a glam gym bag I now have one. This bag is mainly for the “collectorness“s about it; it’s safe to say I adore Chanel with all my being so finding a rare bag like this is something for my collectables. I really appreciate the unusual styles and sizes “just to have” as opposed to use everyday, a Chanel bag is not just a bag to carry my important things, my bag is more important then anything I could possible have inside. Just knowing I own this bag makes me happy and if I do use it then that is a bonus.

I would love to know what you all think of it.

CHANEL XXL Reissue 2.55 Similar HERE 

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Irena D August 17, 2014 - 9:36 pm

AHHH so cute! I lovet this bag!!


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