City Fringing

by Claire Chanelle




















This is probably my total favourite outfit I have worn this year; fringed jacket, sneakers, stone wash baggy (One Teaspoon) shorts, wavy hair and lots of CHANEL – bohemian meets a girly tomboy which is the best way to describe my style as confusing as that may sound it makes sense to me. I felt comfortable all day and loved everything I was wearing.

What should we talk about first my new GREY classic flap, the fluffy fur ball or the jacket? Ok so let’s talk Chanel first.

I have wanted a grey classic flap for forever, literally forever. I initially wanted it in a jumbo but because I have the white jumbo I went for the medium. I have never seen a light dove grey Chanel in any classic style and caviar skin so I was so so so happy when I found out one had been released. As you know my Chanel purchases are never simple, let me make it clear I go above and beyond to afford my Chanel bags, I work super hard and the thought of buying a new Chanel keeps me working till 2am and working six days a week. When the day comes to buy it’s never straight forward! This purchase was like the others; it’s never a case of walking into Chanel and saying I will take that one. It all started when I sold one of my items to a follower (sometimes I sell stuff on my blog to buy new (Chanel) stuff. This follower Barbara ended up buying a few things from me and we became whats app buddies. Barbara knows from reading my blog I love grey so when she saw a grey classic flap she knew I would want it and it was the final push for me to finally sell her my grey Trapeze; a bag of mine she wanted and I didn’t want to sell. The bag was sourced from Indianapolis, transferred to Miami and shipped to London. It took lots of what sapping and three weeks but thanks to my lovely reader she’s now mine. Thanks Barbara for all your help. The grey caviar is available in the states in all sizes but it’s only available in the jumbo size in the UK. I still find is shocking that the states receive all the amazing colours and collections before London. How can Miami and Indianapolis release the collections before Europe??

As soon as I bought my bag I saw a PEARL GREY UNUSED Classic Flap bag HERE I was so upset because it was £1000 cheaper all in all then mine, my advice would be to snap this one up as grey is extremely rare and this one hasn’t been used and £500 cheaper then retail. I suppose my loss in someones else gain.

My jacket is by Sister Jane, I fell head over heels as soon as I saw it at an event a few months back. I have been really strict not buying any small things in order to fund my recent Chanel blow out so I chose not to buy the jacket at the event. Two month later I couldn’t stop thinking about it and treated myself, it’s the only piece of clothing I have bought in a long time that’s how much I loved it. When it arrived I was so happy, I know I am going to wear it a lot and what better colour then dusky pink to compliment my new bag. I just wish they made it in grey and a few other pastel colours. To buy the jacket click HERE US HERE.

My fluffy babies are my new obsession and thank god its not an expensive one. I got so excited and after ten minutes of trying to choose a colour I thought the best thing for Paris standing behind be getting annoyed was to buy every colour. I now have one on every bag in the matching colour and will wear them until I get bored of them.  Click HERE to buy one or ten like me! They are the perfect gift and soooooo cute.



Sister Jane Jacket US HERE

One Teaspoon Shorts

Chanel Grey Classic Flap 

Beige Tee

Chanel Sneakers Similar HERE

Fluffy Baby (I call them Moolies) Or Fendi One HERE

CC xx

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