Christmas Wish List On Steroids

by Claire Chanelle

vintage hermes kelly bag

saint laurent biker boots

chanel christmas wish list

chic and seek hermes kelly bag for sale

giles deacon wool over sized beanie

chanel perfume bottle bag

burgundy christian louboutin shoes

grey christian louboutin boots

chanel diary

chanel jumbo 2.55

vintage coco chanel earrings

denim chanel tote

acne jumper ss14

I have had a lot of requests to publish a Christmas wish list, so here is TODAY’S WISH LIST.  Last year I did not publish a Christmas wish list on my blog because the truth is I changed my mind daily or I buy myself everything on the list. I believe that if you want something just buy it yourself so I can’t be bothered with wish lists all it does is make me think of all the things I want and the list doesn’t end, I feel like it just opens up my shopaholism even more!! My first Christmas list I wrote to Paris was:

* A new bag – a particular bag that I haven’t shared with you yet because I am trying my best to save if for fashion week (I so wont last till February.) I BOUGHT THIS MYSELF.

* Waxed red denim or leather trousers – Today Dust PR kindly sent me soe beautiful waxed denim Wildfox jeans.

* Chanel Wallet On A Chain – I have so much Harrods rewards points to redeem it is exactly enough for a WOC so once I find the colour I like I will buy one.

* Balmain leather jacket – I BOUGHT THIS MYSELF.

So I will try not to buy anything on the above wish list before Christmas!

So let me talk you through my requests. I have decided that one option could be that I just have one big Chanel Christmas and have every present Chanel, nail polish, make up, some sneakers and a logo Chanel jumper or T-shirt (these do not have to be actual Chanel as I like the fun stuff too). I’ve wanted a Chanel cuff since my birthday so one of those is definitely on my list and I love the over size brooches. I also LOVE LOVE vintage Chanel and my mum buys me something vintage Chanel every year, my two sisters get lots of presents and I usually just have one small box of Chanel but this is how I like it, spending my budget on one item. I asked my mum something with Coco Chanel so the earrings from Vintage Heirloom are just what I am looking for.

One of the top items on my list from day one this year has been a black cashmere jumper, this is the kind of simple item I do not want to spend my own money on but it would be lovely for every day and to wear on Christmas day.

I have wanted a Lady Dior bag forever specially since the Dior event I attended on Saturday. The annoying thing is Paris was the one that made me fall in love with it so he made me promise him that my first Dior bag was bought by him, problem is I am still waiting!

I nearly bought the Saint Laurent boots when I bought my Chanel boots I was choosing between the two and chose Chanel. I still love these though and you can never have enough black boots when you live in London, its always boots weather!

I know I just bought a Balmain but I now feel I need a pink one for my summer outfits and when I do not want to wear black. Does this remind you of when I said all I needed was a black Chanel bag then I bought the cream then my obsession spiralled? Well this is clearly the start of a Balmain obsession. I have always wanted Balmain jeans but the price has just gone up so I guess they are definite no no’s now, however I have found a pair identical but I will save that for another day!

I have a pair of black leather trousers and live in them so I would love a grey pair. I love the jBrand ones but they’re major pricey. I bought faux grey leather ones from Dorothy Perkins in the mean time. The grey Christian Louboutin ankle boots are so amazing I would love these and buy them in a heart beat but they are not my size.

I really want a black vintage Chanel jacket, they are really hard to find and I will wear it all the time, it’s just a classic piece to wear over and over. I have been dreaming about the Vintage Heirloom CC hoop earrings since I saw them a couple of months ago and I really regret not buying them. I have asked Vintage Heirloom to keep me updated as to when they next receive some because they are so rare and I can not find them anywhere. If you are ever looking for anything vintage Chanel items I am sure they can source what you are looking for and you can ask them like I did.

I love my Manolo Blahnik Hangisi shoes and really want them in blue because I wear a lot of electric blue and the heel is a good height (now I am late twenties and more practical than in my younger years.)

My extravagant presents I wish for are a vintage Hermes Kelly and the Chanel Perfume Bottle bag. So let’s scrap the bottle bag it’s never going to happen and the perspex situation does worry me but it would be nice and this is a wish list after all. The Kelly bag I think I want to start of with a vintage one in a vintage colour like burgundy (omg I know I am getting into burgundy) or navy. Last month Chic and Seek had the most beautiful and immaculate navy Kelly and I also regret not just going for it and buying it because it was in such a good condition. The bag is now sold but I recommend this website for little vintage gems hidden away, it’s a good place to check if you are on the hunt for vintage Hermes. The whole vintage Kelly scenario was what made me start falling in love with burgundy Christian Louboutins, if they were my size I would have bought them.

The Giles Deacon wool beanie I love so much it is so unique and so warm. They are limited edition and made to order but the reatail price is a hefty £450! They come in baby pink, mustard, black and cream; I think I would go for the pink or the black.

The Chanel agenda note case is something I really want because I have lost count of the amount of time I have asked Chanel when they will stock a diary or agenda note pad, the answer is always never! This one is in good condition, a good price at £200 and the perfect size for my handbag.

The Acne jumper is like the previous cream one I had, over sized and can be worn as a dress. I loved this because I have not seen anyone wear it and nothing came up when I typed it online but I am worried it will be everywhere so I am still thinking about this one.

Lastly the denim Chanel tote, I have wanted this since I saw it last year but by the time I had saved up they were out of season and it looks like I wont make it in time again this year so I would say this was number one on my list.

SEE WHAT I MEAN….once I start a wish list it never stops! I actually could think of a lot more that I could ask santa (Paris) for; silk pjs, make up, Creme De La Mer face cream….but I think I need to stop! Is there anything here I have mentioned that you like? Does anyone else write a wish list then buy it themselves?




















CC xx

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