Clueless And Casual

by Claire Chanelle
givenchy black antigona



time sq

teddy coat

givenchy black antigona

time square

clueless jumper

This was my last day in NYC, no shows, no glamour just staying warm and being a tourist. As much as I would love to be the glam type I am actually really scruffy; hardly ever wear make up, never do my hair, I live in flat shoes, baggy T-shirts and jeans so this is a very accurate look for me . For those of you that have said hi to me when I am out and about which I love by the way because I forget people read my blog and sometimes think I am just writing this for the fun of it. Anyway if you ever do see me, my point is you will probably be disappointed because I am ninety nine percent of the time a scruff bag.

My jeans are from Sandro and clearly Balmain inspired. I did not want wanna be Balmain I just like the biker look jeans and did not have Balmain money booooo. Zara sold a pair similar but they had too many zips everywhere or they were not denim fabric so these were the best option. These are the jeans I really want.

Times Square is like no where else, Piccadilly Square can no compete with this scale! I am not one for shopping whist I am on holiday as I do this enough at home so I basically ate all day long; do-noughts and pancakes which explains why a few weeks after NYC my body expended so I won’t be doing this again when I visit America!!

I have finally finished talking about MBFW and next season I will be blogging on the day during fashion week, I have learnt my lesson not to leave it until I get back other wise I will be so behind like now.

Biker Jeans Real Deal HERE 

Forever 21 Clueless Jumper

Over sized Round Sunglasses 

Chanel Biker Boots Similar HERE 

Over Sized Teddy Coat Similar HERE 

Givenchy Antigona Mini Antigona Is On My Wish List

Top Shop Tee

Chanel Earrings

CC xx

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Adele May 1, 2014 - 12:01 pm

Love the biker jeans & how washed out they are – gorgeous!
Hugs xoxo


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