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by Claire Chanelle
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These are the Chanel shoes I bought last week. I have wanted them for ages as you could probably tell from my instagram! I knew I would regret it if I did not buy them, trust me it was not a case of if I was unsure or not it was a case of no money for more shoes! In order to afford this I worked so hard last week but the no social life and sacrifices for these shoes are totally worth it!! They are not too high so very wearable, I hardly need to say much they because they speak for them selves. I always try to make every purchases at Harrods because of the Rewards card it really does offer amazing benefits; collecting points turn into cash and the more points you earn the more cash back and benefits you receive. The best loyalty card that isn’t a credit card and no other store can compete with. This is why Harrods can not be beaten and I will also be a Harrods girl.

I love jeans like these with a small zip at the ankle as they are more flattering, I wish they were not so hard to find. This bracelet was my first ever vintage Chanel piece of jewellery and it is my totally favourite. I love chunky jewellery and these charm pieces are really rare. You can wear this with the most simple outfit and it look great. I found one here that is very similar.

I have to keep todays post short and sweet because I am half way through my Nike Fuel challenge. The challenge is to gain as many fuel points as possible over seven days and I am against two other bloggers. I feel already that if I do not win it’s ok because I am so proud of my self and already feel like my body is changing because of my efforts. I have pushed my body so hard, to the absolute limit (I even have a bad knee now) so if I don’t win I know I could not of pushed my self no harder and I am happy with that.

This is a great idea to do with your friends as it will really push you to work out more. To read more about the fuel band click here.

Balmain Jacket

Painted Jeans

Red Chanel Bag

Chanel Shoes

Vintage Chanel Bracelet

CC xx

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Adele May 6, 2014 - 8:29 am

Sooooo in love with your new sandals, the chain details are gorgeous.
Hugs xoxo


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