Enchanted Kingdom

by Claire Chanelle















This is the first time I have worn my new jumbo CHANEL on my blog. I always seem to buy my Chanel bags in such a rush because if you don’t buy them on the spot they go, I then look back and think it was a lot of money and I should think it through more carefully next time but I can’t see this ever happening. I have wanted a jumbo Classic flap for a while so I am glad I finally got one, I am happy with the size but over all my favourite size is the medium (its actually called large) I chose silver hard wear because I have so many gold hard wear bags and also because a white caviar Classic Flap is hard to source so I couldn’t be too fussy. You can buy a similar one here and here. If you missed my other Chanel bag purchases you can see them here, I bought a Dallas boy, denim Boy and of course this white one.

I am really excited to wear my new Leivankash Olivia Rose ring in black. I have wanted one for a while but just could not decide on the colour. I have this problem with all the pieces because they look so good in silver, black, rose or yellow gold; too many options. As Leila saids her self “it’s good to mix and match, I always mix the different colours” I think I will take her advice and just buy a few random pieces and then mix it all up.  Its either that or buy one of every piece in every colour which I defiantly can not afford! For now I am happy with the black as I have quite a few Chanel pieces in black like the earrings I am wearing in this look, it also matches the hard wear of my Boy bags, not forgetting black matches silver or gold. I have a thing for unicorns (who doesn’t) so I have my eye on the unicorn necklace also here. I have the Dagger necklace (as seen here) in gold so hopefully I will have a nice collection soon. Leivankash is probably one of my favourite jewellery brands, I love the fact it is British based because as usually I love everything from LA or Australia aka  expensive custom charges and delivery. I also love how passionate the designer and founder Leila is; I have met her a few times and she is always so involved selling her own pieces and also attending her own events. Follow her instagram from some great inspiration @leivankash. The main attraction are the pieces them selves, each collection is like an enchanted story of wanderlust; unicorns, turtles, feathers I’m sure soon she will create the whole animal kingdom 🙂 I love how every piece is available in silver, black, rose and yellow gold; each piece is hand crafted in bronze and coated in either sterling silver or 22k gold, there is also the option to buy the higher end collection consisting of unique stones. I love how Leivankash can make my outfit when I want to wear a plain tee and jeans (everyday) so I am always drawn to the chunky pieces but there are also lots of dainty styles like the pinky rings to chose from…..yes another item on my wish list! If you don’t already know about this brand then you should and you do now 😉

I bought these Illesteva sunglasses earlier on this year and so in love with them, I am thinking of buying the blue ones here. I am absolutely desperate for the Holly cat eye ones HERE maybe a present for my birthday next month 🙂

Right now I am in Switzerland, these photos were shot in Luasanne. I am writing this on  the 1 August which is Switzerlands national day and I am about the watch the fireworks, happy Swisspower to anyone form Switzerland.

Luasanne is extremely beautiful but I must admit I am struggling to be so off the grid and thank god for my Chelsea Styling team in London to hold the fort whilst I am amongst C&A and Morgan, don’t worry if you do not know these shops you def do not need to know about them. I have been stuck in the same small area all week so I can not wait to explore more from today. We will be spending our weekend in the mountains then back to Luasanne for another week then one final weekend in Cannes before we head back to London. When I arrive home I will have a new Chanel bag to show you, one I am super excited about that I hunted down from Indianapolis with the help of one of my lovely readers. I have also done quite a lot of online shopping to help feed my fix, I may be away from shops but theres always a way to shop!

Before I go I wanted to share something that I discovered during my travels. If you are ever traveling and want to watch TV that is restricted abroad and not on You Tube; simply enter the show in Google followed by “put locker” it works every time.

Zara Silver Shoes Similar HERE HERE 

CHANEL Jumbo White Classic Flap SHW Similar HERE HERE 

Silver Shorts

Illesteva Sunglasses Blue HERE US HERE

Leivankash Oliva Rose Ring

Paris Dallas Chanel Earrings 

CC xx


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Adele August 2, 2014 - 8:10 am

Love the white Chanel. It looks great with silver hard wear. I have a black jumbo in lamb skin with gold hard wear & it has to be my favourite bag!
Hugs xoxo


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