LFW Day 2 Powder Pink

by Claire Chanelle

powder pink skirt

You have no idea how much effort I put into my outfits for LFW, the answer is none! Before I knew it fashion week had arrived and I was lucky enough to catch the time to attend half the invites I received. Fashion week takes a lot of planning getting from show to show and fitting it around Harrods and Chelsea Styling so for me the last thing I had time for was outfit planning. I had semi planned to wear the pink skirt with the matching crop top but it was far too cold so I threw on this wooly knit and added my new Versace necklace. I intended to wear nude heels but kept my booties on because of the running around, so ideally the shoes should be ignored and next time I will try to improve my planning and organisation.

nude valentino rockstud bag grey chloe Susanna boots powder pink street style pink street style

I missed the first show on day two because I had to collect my Burberry Prorsum invite, I was so worried it would get lost in the post :/ but I made it in time for the Holly Fulton show. If I was not flustered enough running late it was pouring down rain, again, and the show space was packed to the max unlike the shows the day before, which of course were full but this show was packed to the max! I grabbed myself a seat near the front just in time.
The collection had a 70s vibe and made me forget the rain outside and look forward to summer again! The inspiration was from soul songstress Noosha Fox who was in fact the sound track for the show. The retro styles were clear in the typical Fulton geometrics, wide leg trousers, bold patterns, floaty silk belted dresses and some denim pieces were thrown in. I feel the brown colour palette mixed up the style in a good way and added a modern twist to the 70s feel. Without a doubt my ultimate favourite look was the brown suede, weaved bomber jacket and brown suede dress and that is coming from a girl that stays away from brown!
The hair was slicked to the side with bold curls and 70s make up.

holly fulton ss14HOLLY FULTON LONDON FASHION WEEK holly fulton fashion week holly fulton ss14 bomber jacket holly fulton ss14 bag holly fulton sprinf summer 14

The second show of the day was the Orla Kiely presentation. I arrived at the Orla location to find a huge queue, because it was a presentation only a handful of people can watch it then the presentation starts again and a few more people can enter. Because I had to wait so long I missed the Alex Bi show. It was somewhat worth it but the Orla Kiely set was a pleasant surprise and I happened to arrive at the same time as a few well known bloggers (see if you can spot them in the photos) so that made it more interesting.

The set was inspired by girl scouts and Moonrise Kingdom which felt true to the brand that Orla Kiely is. Safari chic came to mind with a playful side, lots of animal motifs, giraffe and zebra prints and I am sure I spotted an Um Bongo cartoon, who used to drink Um Bungo?! I loved how the models were really interactive and brought the set alive.

The small animal bags were a favourite of mine and I loved the binocular inspiration behind the box bags. Expect to see a wearable, retro but modern take on the jungle for next summer!

orla Kiely presentation orla Kiely presentation ss14 orla Kiely moonrise kingdom susie bubble

I was really looking forward to the Markus Lupfer presentation it is always nice to attend the shows of brands you wear because I am generally excited to see what is coming!

The presentation location was great; a beautiful period building with floods of light and who  ever was in charge of the set did a great job. The set was not over done and every prop was perfect from the giant teddy on the floor to the white bed sheets to the pink heart guitar. I loved the twin models and the slumber party theme suited the brand to a tea.

The PR team on the day were so friendly (not often common during fashion week) and the atmosphere was fun but formal at the same time. I was over the moon I got to speak to Markus as I have been wearing the brand since I was at uni many moons ago. You know when you meet someone and you hope they are as amazing as you had always imagined? I have to tell you he was everything and more I could not have hoped for a better response, he was super friendly and so down to earth, enthusiatic to chat to me when after all I am just a blogger not exactly interviewing him for Vogue and yet he still took the time to chat to me. I also noted that the team around him was not telling him who he can and cannot talk to and the vibe was relaxed and fun. By the way Markus is very active on Instagram if  you tag him he will comment on your photo, so give it a try!

I must say I could not help but feel slightly disappointed in the lack of sequins jumpers because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, they are so easy to wear in the day or out for cocktails with the girls. However I understand that Lupfer wanted to create some element of surprise and proved he is more than a one trick pony offering us more then sequins jumpers. There were some slogan jumpers “Lame” and “Loser” which reminded me of the mean girls concept! The collection had a young vibe but the white laser cut fabrics made it feel more grown up. My favourite piece was the floral bomber jacket, I think I will be needing a bomber jacket for sure next summer!

I usually move onto the next show but I decided to stay and enjoy the flowing champagne and macaroons. I am glad I stuck around because I caught Olivia Palmero exiting the building when no one seemed to spot her.

To conclude a really great presentation, great collection, great team and I so wish I worked at Markus Lupfer it really does seem to be the best team I have come across. I simply can not wait for next years show.

markus lupfer ss14 markus lupfer ss14 presentation  ss14 markus lupfer markus lupfer markus lupfer london fashion weekmarkus lupfer ss14markus lupfer floral shorts

markus lupfer

I attended two more shows but I will talk about those in tomorrow’s post otherwise this will never end and I need to pack as I’m catching the last four days of Paris Fashion week!



Chloe Susanna Boots

Valentinno Rockstud Bag

Versace Necklace

Claire xx


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Asia September 30, 2013 - 12:25 pm

You look so effortlessly chick and your shoes are to die for xx


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