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by Claire Chanelle
chanel rucksack

chanel rucksack

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chanel backpack

vintage chanel backpack

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I do not know what to introduce you to first; my new vintage Chanel backpack or this new boutique in Knightsbridge, London.  Ok let’s talk CHANEL first! I have been searching for one of these Chanel backpacks for ever and ever, did you read my interview with Vintage Heirloom where I described my only regret in life was selling my vintage Chanel back pack? I have been searching for one ever since, they are just so hard to find. Last year when Chanel released some backpacks I was so excited to buy one and thought my search was finally over  but they are just not a striking as the these older styles and my searched continued. I am sure if you type in vintage Chanel backpack for sale plenty will appear but not for the price am looking for or the quality/condition so I am super happy with this bag!

I was kindly given this bag by Designer Exchange because they knew how much I loved vintage Chanel but this was for sale for £600!!!! Please google these bags and you will find them for around £1200 and the condition probably will  not be as immaculate as this one. Can you already tell how amazing this store is? The reason this bag was being sold for £600 was because all the bags sold have been sold by people like you and me or you have the option to swap a bag hence design “exchange”. It gets better; if you wish to exchange your bag for another bag in the store you will get more for your money, approximately 12% more then if you was to sell.

There are so many pre loved stores  everywhere but Designer Exchange has a little extra special factor. Unlike other preloved stores who give you 50% share of what they sell it for and only pay you once it has sold Designer Exchange give you cash there and then, so no waiting around for your money and it it totally hassle free. They also promise not to sell your bag no more then 33% more then what they paid for it. This is why my Chanel backpack was such a reasonable price.

I never sell anything because I know I can not get back what the bag is worth so I might as well keep it, I can not be bothered with eBay and I also can not be bothered to wait a month or two for my money. I tried this once with a consignment store on Kings Road and the shop sold my items and never paid me until three months later when I argued with them. My selling days were over but I thought I would sell a bag with the Designer Exchange and see for myself how good/bad they were.  I love the bag I chose to sell and normally would never sell something like this because I know I wouldn’t be able to sell it with no help, so I said to myself if this can pay for something on my wish list then I will sell it. I bought the bag 18 months ago from Harrods for £825 the bag was used probably twice and was in very good condition. Designer exchange offered me £600 cash or the choice to choose another bag in store for sale at £672. So I walked in and out with £600 cash all under five minutes. I went home and wanted to see what else I could sell for such easy money, I then took in a few bags Gucci and Louis Vuitton monogram prints and came out with another £250! It was the easiest money I had every made and pretty much funded my new pink Balmain jacket 🙂 My bag is still for sale in the store and whilst uploading the photo it made me feel tempted to go buy it back because it is such a lovely tote. I would love for one of my followers to buy it!

The shop is located a few doors down from Harrods, heading towards South Kensington not harvey Nichols on 5 Egerton Terrace,
London, SW3 2BX . You can sell your bags on line HERE or simply visit the store and take in your bag. Ask for Angela or Sabrina, they are the two authenticators that know all there is to know about every single bag ever made, I was pretty impressed. The store is super high-tech and you can see the the company mean business just by entering there fully lit shop with amazing leather, croc stamped flooring yes their floor looks like a Céline Phantom.

If you do not live local to London you can simply upload a photo of your bag and the company will get back to you with a quote. Soon all the bags will be available to buy on line too. You can see from my photo that just a small corner of the room is jam packed with the most beautiful and rare bags such as the Chanel Perfume clutch, Hermes Birkins and brand new Céline bags in all colours. The store does not take any bag, they only take high end designer and failry good condition.

I predict great things for Designer Exchange and by next year there will be stores all  over the UK, rumour has it there will be a store opening in the near future in Manchester! The technology and forward thinking methods behind the brand is what makes it unique and worth checking out.

I am in NYC right now for fashion week, hope you enjoy following my fashion antics over the next 8 days!

Designer Exchange Chanel Backpack

Forever 21 Jeans

Balmain Jacket

Sandro Tee

Laurence Decade Boots

CC xx

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Adele February 6, 2014 - 11:06 am

The backpack is gorgeous & such a rare find so you’ve done really well. I love the concept of this store & will definitely be checking them out online.
Have fun in NYC 🙂
Hugs xoxo


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