Tropical Tassels

by Claire Chanelle

 pineapple tee

tassel jacket

wildfox sunglasses


blue mirror wildfox sunglasses

wildfox fashion blogger

kate moss tassel topshop jacket

leather fringed jacket

kate moss for topshop

navy blue leather jacket


kate moss leather jacket

boho leather jacket

wildfox sunnies


I love this outfit I wore over the weekend and so happy I finally got my hands on the most PERFECT fringe jacket of all time. I fell in love with a tassel leather jacket three years ago from a vintage store in Paris and have never found one as nice until now and this is nicer then the one I missed out on! I usually stay away from high street collaborations because everyone ends up wearing the collection and its over priced. This jacket is £190 so for real leather (good quality leather) it is such a good price plus everything about it is amazing and perfect! I love the fit, the colour, the leather, the fringing is perfect and I can wear this with anything and everything. Click here for US readers and click here for UK readers YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS JACKET BEFORE IT SELLS OUT!!I will be living in this all summer! I am really pleased the jacket is in navy and not black too because navy is so flattering on all skin and hair colours.

My other obsession is WILDFOX SUNGLASSES oh my god, slightly worried how obsessed I have become with Wildfox sunnies!! They look so good, come in every colour and shape you can imagine, fit my head perfectly (they do not fall off) and they are so cheap for designer sunglasses; on average £165 a pair. These sunglasses feel really nice to wear, they feel like designer sunglasses which for my is important they do not feel cheap because then I may as well buy £10 ASOS ones. I have been wearing these blue mirror ones all week because when I do not want to wear any make up they are the perfect cover up and make me look/feel glamourous. Mirror sunglasses are my must have accessory this summer and I can no recommend Wildfox enough, they really are my favorite sunglasses and I plan on getting my hands ono more!! Click here to buy.

The tee is also Wildfox, I love a Wildfox tee as they are so soft and I love the slogans they come up with, the over sized fit and the LA style.

I have been using my Chanel backpack so much more then any of my bags, I am so glad I finally got one of these bags they are so cute and handy. I was so lucky to find one it such good condition at Designer Exchange in Knightsbridge. A lot of my followers have been emailing about this store click HERE to find out the locations and how you can buy and sell with them. The bags are all in great condition, they really do have the best selection. I would suggest just paying them a visit just to see the amazing stock, the staff are super friendly too.

Kate Moss For Topshop Fringe Jacket 

Wildfox Sunglasses 

Wildfox Pineapple Tee

Ripped jeans 

Chanel Backpack 

Chanel Shoes

CC xx

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Adele May 6, 2014 - 12:55 pm

The fringe jacket looks AMAZING!!!
Hugs xoxo

The Provoker May 7, 2014 - 12:09 am

Love the fringe jacket, how fun!


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