by Claire Chanelle


Before I start talking about my life story below, I think we should talk about my outfit first. When I uploaded a sneak peek of this look on Instagram, so many of you loved it. You always really love the same things I really love, makes me happy. This outfit was the most perfect son day outfit. I have had my eye on this jumper so months. I have to take my time when it’s a piece of ready to wear. I have to really love it but most of all it needs to be practical (in this case warm) and work out well cost per wear. Beleive it or not I am going to be less excessive this year with my shopping. My priorities have changed. I want to focus on my home as a number one. We are buying a new car and I have come to a point in my life where I would prefer one bag and a business flight as opposed to three bags and economy. I always thought I would be rich enough to have it all but the truth is I am not quite there yet! So for now it is all about a balance. Of course doing what I do, I receive some lovely gifts from brands so this defiantly helps. As we get older our priority change and for me this year my priorities shifted. You will for sure see me buying clothes and bags but I will warn you it won’t be as excessive. I am going to try anyway! This jumper comes in so many different styles, click here, here and here. I am wearing size 42 but hurry because most of them went into the sale. The jumper can be worn as a dress too! Click here to shop. I paired it with some faux leather leggings from Zara and my new boots which you can buy here and here in the sale. They run true to size. I wanted grey biker boots, these are just perfect with the pearls and compliment all my grey bags so well.



Following on from my previous post here I wanted to continue with my plans for this year following on from sharing with you what I learnt last year. If you missed it click here. Work wise, blog/vlog wise you can expect the same as last year but better! I say better because I am going to try so hard to be more organised which will enable me to produce more content. I also have Paris working with me now, he has always helped me out of love but now we have divided the work up. He is doing the business side of it, money, taxes, payments etc he also doing the photography, filming and some editing. I will work on all of the above but he has taken a load of me which enables me to meet more brands for meetings, say yes to more projects and I can also film more videos. I will film and he will edit. I hoping this will nearly double the content and also make it more improved. So many of you have noticed and taken the time to tell us, thank you for that. We will be sharing videos every Sunday at 6pm and every Wednesday at 8pm without fail. We are going to try our best to share a video on a Monday night too. Depending on what you seem to enjoy the most, we will share more of that content. Make sure you let us know what you liked or disliked. I have had so much nice feedback, not all of it is praise but it’s been really helpful and I have listened. Anyone who wants to abuse me or say anything passive agressive. I have made the choice not to reply at all. It takes away time from answering someone else who has better intensions and to be honest it doesn’t make me productive. Happy to discuss opinions but there is a line. I would love to know what kind of videos you enjoy. Please let me know in the comment box. Do you enjoy a bit of everything? Vlogs? Short or long vlogs? Is over 20 mins too long? Hauls? High street or luxury or a mix? Chatty about advice and telling a story or more to the point showing you product? Do you enjoy look books? Or would you prefer a simple haul? Do you enjoy travel content? Home content? Or just fashion? These videos are for you so tell me what you want to see. Next year I want to achieve the same as last year but better and bigger and I can only achieve that by being more organised. I physically could not work harder than last year. I just need to manage my time more. Without you I could not do this job so I thank everyone single one of you for sticking around, replying to me, supporting me and taking the time to comment and watch.

Farfetch Chouquette

This year we want to travel lots, would you like you like to see where we go and what we enjoyed or hated? I am also thinking this could be the year to start a dream of mine. It is a big step and I am not sure if I can do it. I am going to listen to my advice that I tell you and just go for it, trying my absolute best! With your support it should work out. Today I have my first meeting to get the ball rolling. Content wise I will stick to the same as always because I have always blogged about what I love. I love CHANEL, I found a new love in Hermes last year, I love knit wear, jackets and causal looks. Oh and lets not forget handbags in general. One area I have neglected is vintage. Vintage is honestly my oldest love. When I had no money at uni I dressed mainly in vintage. I forgot about the addiction I had to eBay hunting, market hunting and now etsy hunting! The honest truth is, I stopped it because the items are one of a kind which meant I couldn’t link it for you to buy. It was not productive for me and it was frustrating for you. Nothing worse than someone saying “oh it’s vintage, you can’t get it anywhere.” I am going to see the other side to what I saw before. I want to inspire you to hunt for vintage or re wear your parents/older siblings clothes. It is fun and usually less expensive. Maybe you can’t find the exact item but I am certain you will get inspo to find something similar. Would you like to see vintage looks?? I will be sharing luxury, luxury with high street and mixes of vintage and luxury. I know it prevents my growth that I do not stick to one market. It is proven time and time again that when I cover just high street I grow massively. Maybe it’s more relatable and affordable? When I introduce luxury I sometimes stagnate or grow slower. I am sorry that this can be confusing where I stand as a blogger but it’s how I have always shopped. Even when I couldn’t even afford one Mulberry bag I would still be so interested in luxury RTW and accessories. I hope you find it inspiring too and I am sure there are still so many of you that love mixing luxury and high street. I plan on getting back into fitness this year. I went off the rails for two years and hated the feeling of being unfit. Would you like me to document this or not really? I am getting braces this year. No idea which ones, it’s all so scary and over whelming which clinic to pick or what treatment to have. Would you find it helpful if I shared the process and the results? Lastly I will be sharing SOOOOOO much more home. I know how much you love to see my home. I can see the interaction and I read the requests. Don’t worry it’s coming. Next week on YouTube I am sharing a lounge tour, next month a home Chelsea tour and I have so many refurbs planned for this year. Make sure you subscribe here to ensure you don’t miss the video content. The first project is two new bathrooms and a whole lot of marble. I hope you are happy with kind of content that is coming your way and do not forget to always let me know what you want to see.






CC xx

Photos by Paris 

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Ewa Macherowska January 6, 2018 - 6:35 pm

Obsessed <3

Lorraine January 7, 2018 - 1:26 am

So excited to see more of what you have. I love all of your vlogs, but in particular, reveals (clothing and/or bags). I don’t mind a bit of everything and the longer the video the better 🙂 xx

Lara January 7, 2018 - 10:27 pm

Hello Claire,
I absolutely love all of your vlogs – travel, haul, unboxing etc.. they are all very interesting to watch and the longer the better 🙂 I really love the idea of vintage.. I personally mix and match high street with luxury.. so it’s perfect to touch that field.. please just keep up the good work, it’s so good to follow you because you’re genuine and that shines through all your videos and texts on your blog 🙂 Xx

dara lloyd January 9, 2018 - 10:40 am

Happy New year Claire & Paris. I love all your videos, especially the hauls and the travel. I wish you every success for 2018. thanks for the company. Dara. XXXXXXX


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