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by Claire Chanelle

Today I would like to share a look that I wore the other day. This look is causal, comfortable but also chic and perfect for that day to evening transition. Usually I swap my biker boots for some heels to dress up my look but these CHANEL heels are so comfortable that I can wear them all day. The Chloé cardigan adds a little femininity and I love the pom pom detail. This cardigan also comes in a jumper version here. It is 40% off and in stock in all sizes. I am wearing size small. My over sized shirt is from here.

The main focus for this look are the rings. If you watch my YouTube videos, you would have seen my blog where I was shopping for my new diamond ring. Click here if you missed it. In the video I explain that I wanted some fine jewelery to end the year. I am really into fine jewelery now. I love the feeling of knowing my money has invested into good quality, you can also sell diamonds on, which makes me feel better. My new pieces feel special, they represent something but most of all I can wear them everyday. I get a lot of use out of my jackets and hand bags but I still think fine jewelery can be worn even more. Fine jewelery will be a huge focus for me this year. This means I will taking some of that handbag fund away to invest in jewelely. My bag fund is looking pretty grim at the moment as I also plan on investing more money at home and on some refurbishments. Would you like to see all the new home improvements? Ny new diamond ring is a cognac 1 carat diamond on a white gold band. I knew I was going to buy myself the Clou Cartier ring in rose gold, the plan was so wear them together. I didn’t want a rose gold band with the cognac diamond because I wanted to still match my wedding rings. My ring is from LUXURY PROMISE. LUXURY PROMISE sell luxury pre loved items, socialising in HERMES and diamonds. The diamonds are not pre loved, they are sourced and designed in house. You should watch my video to learn more or check out their website here but in short, they deal directly with the diamond dealers. This means the sale is whole sale to market and no middle man. A lot of companies deal like that but they still had on a huge margin. I cannot recommend them enough for engagement rings, wedding bands or even just special gifts. You can even buy it for yourself like I did! With Valentines day just around the corner, that better time than to send a hint to your lover 😉 They have a few more in stock here, which you can see below; I love this champagne colour on here. The prices range from £700 to £2k going by their current stock. They can make any ring you like. They also come in the most beautiful powder pink ring boxes. I really love the one similar to mine with the diamond band. If anyone buys one, I would love to hear all about it and see you wear it! Next on my list are the diamond bands. The ones in the photos are not mine, I borrowed them for the day so I could show you. I do wear a costume rose gold band on my pinky but these are not real diamonds. I also say to you….

” Before you invest into an item, always buy a low end price point one first. Test drive it to see if you like. If you love it, you will feel better about spending more money.”

I did this with he rose gold pinky ring. Mine is from here and some of the profit goes to breast cancer. Maybe try it out like I did then make the next to a LUXURY PROMISE band. I plan on collecting these and buying one as and when I can afford it. I love the mixture of different metals and plan on stacking them altogether. Click here to view the diamond bands. The price points are so affordable, the diamonds are high quality and they come in different sizes.   LUXURY PROMISES are based at the Bulgari Hotel in London, click here to book an appointment.









CC xx

Photos by Paris

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Ewa Macherowska January 9, 2018 - 5:32 pm

Beautiful! x


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