Cantilever Print

by Claire Chanelle

cantilever jbrand jeans

I have not used my Prada bag in so long and it is one of my favourite bags. Paris bought this for me for our first Christmas together and I remember he had a wooden chest with a padlock made (painted grey) specially for this present because I have been known to search for present and take a sneaky look! I also love these gold boots but I find them hard to wear, should have thought that through before I bought them, but hey thats the danger or late night internet shopping and I feel every girl should own some gold boots!

The jeans are Jbrand and fit so well, Jbrand are great quality and a great fit. Again I wanted to try something new and bold. Even though these jeans are a statement I find them really easy to match and wear day or night. I buy most of my jeans from Donna Ida (the boutique in Chelsea) because the girls are really helpful, I tell them the kind of jeans I am looking for and they instantly pull out the exact style I had in mind. I hate jean shopping because it involves a lot of trying on and I get stressed and flustered. At Donna Ida I can just tell the girls what I want and I don’t have to search through every pair and try on fifty paris. So for jean shopping I recommend Donna Ida Chelsea or Westfield.

ps to the girls that said these Loubs were fake; I do not wear fakes and I am strongly against fakes as it goes against everything I believe in. Counterfeit goods are all made with leather and materials from god knows where in god knows which factory. I believe that SAVING for a designer is worth it “cost per wear” and if you really want something go and work for it. When I was a student with no money I was still wearing Louboutins because I saved my money; I didn’t go out drinking and skipped girls holidays so I could buy shoes. Even now I make so many sacrifices and work so hard so I can afford nice things that I enjoy. If I can not afford designer even to this day I will buy vintage and happily wear high street. Just to add to the point, the heel on these boots does not come with red on the back of the heel, so before you claim my clothes, shoes etc are fake please make sure you know the item well enough to claim it is not authentic. Click here to see for yourself.

cantilever jbrand pants

cantilever print jbrand

celine me alone T-shirt

red prada tote

gold christian louboutin boots

stella mccartney sunglasses

celine me alone

This location was so amazing I decided to shoot a few looks one after the other. Usally I just blog outfits I am wearing on the day which is why my blog focuses on everyday style and not high heels and dresses (stuff we can’t wear everyday.) But sometimes if I am pushed for time due to work and events and there is an outfit i want to share with you then I shoot a few looks at a time. This also means GETTING CHANGED IN THE STREET OR CAR!! HASHTAGBLOGGERPROBLEMS

fashion blogger

Etsy Celine Me Alone Tshirt

Jbrand Cantilever Print Jeans

Prada Tote

Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Christian Louboutin Booties


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Shopaholic In London November 17, 2013 - 2:16 pm

Lovely boots! I think they are quite versatile as can be worn for a smart casual look with jeans or with all over black look as a feature or with an evening dress. Look comfy as well as the heel is quite chunky.

Kelly November 17, 2013 - 7:18 pm

OMG sweetie I can’t believe someone would accuse you of wearing fake boots, I love these boots & you wear them so well x

The Provoker November 18, 2013 - 2:37 am

Love the Louboutin gold booties, and that last shot is so cool, totally profile pic worthy!! And I also get that feeling of using an old bag that’s not been used for so long it feels new again!

xx The Provoker


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