Love Lock Bridge

by Claire Chanelle

balmain leather shirt

I visited the love lock bridge just before I caught my Euro Star home. Every time I visit Paris I do not get the time to visit this bridge and I always forget to bring a padlock. I know you can buy them on the streets but I wanted a fancy one!

I thought it was now or never so I bought the biggest padlock I could find and myself and Paris doodled some love message on the front 🙂 Apparently according to Paris you need to kiss the key and throw it into the river together whilst making a wish, so that is what we done. This is a must for anyone who visits Paris and don’t worry if you forget your padlock.

After the bridge the most amazing thing happened!!! I was walking back to our flat when I spotted VIVIENNE WESTWOOD sitting in a cafe drinking a coffee with a friend, just casually with no fuss around her. Without thinking I sat next to her (there was one free table a chair right next to her) and you know what the cafes are like in Paris the seats are super close. I kept looking at her because I could not believe me eyes, she kept looking at me and so did her friend. Her friend looked angry that I kept starring so this made me too anxious to ask for a photo. If I had just arrived in Paris I would of probaly asked for a photo but I was so used to everyone in Paris being so rude and aggressive to me it made me so worried she would of said no. Then just before she left I went to ask and saw my battery had died, but to be honest I was never going to ask her because I was too worried. Lesson learnt that next time just count to three and on three just do it and do not think too much about it. At least I sat next to Vivienne West wood in Paris and it was the best coffee I ever had!

My blog has allowed me to travel so much and meet so many people which I am so grateful for; ChouquetteJetset!

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